1/2 Electrically Actuated Ball Valve FKM seals 9-24vAC/DC or 110-240vAC ABVM04SV

Brand: Connexion

Model: ABVM04SV

Width 65.00
Height 100.00
Length 63.00

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1/2 inch Motor Actuated Ball Valve Mini series with FKM seals ABVM04SV ®.
Cycle life: 100,000+ open/close
Open / Close times: 9-24 volt: Open 4 second / close 4 seconds OR 110-240 volt: Open 4 seconds / Close 6 seconds
Power: 9-24 volt: 1 to 1.2 Watts

Protection: IP67
Temperature: -15°C to +50°C ambient.
Voltage: 6 to 24 volt AC/DC or 110 to 240 volt AC with multi voltage technology. (Manual override version 9-35 volt)
Includes: visual position indication.
Control options: Failsafe Closed, Failsafe Open or Power Open/Power Close.

Ball Valve:
1/2 BSP thread, option NPT thread
Bore: 15.0mm
Body: 304 stainless steel
Pressure: 0 to 10 Bar
Seals: PTFE + FKM
Temperature: -15°C to +100°C.
Media: air or fluid suitable for stainless steel, FKM + PTFE.

Options to choose.
1. Failsafe Closed = Power ON will OPEN - Power OFF will automatically CLOSE with reserve power. (ABVM04S/9AR + ABVM04S/2AR)

2. Failsafe Open = Power ON will CLOSE - Power OFF will automatically OPEN with reserve power. (ABVM04SV/9AR-NO + ABVM04SV/2AR-NO)

Failsafe: Requires 15 second power ON when out of the box to charge, thereafter minimum 10 second power ON when energised for recharging.
Will draw less than 0.22 Watt when powered and not moving.

3. Power Open/Close = connect RED +ve and BLACK -ve wires, GREEN wire is the control wire.
Power to GREEN valve opens or power off valve closes. (ABVM04SV/2 and ABVM04SV/9)

4. Control voltage 9 to 24v AC/DC (9) or 110 to 240vAC (2)

Other options.
Manual Override = Button Lift + Twist will open/close valve and disengage motor, push back down to re-engage motor.
Available 9 to 24 volt only. (ABVM04SV/9AR-MO, ABVM04SV/9AR-NO-MO, ABVM04SV/9-MO)

ABVM Weather Cover (recommended for use outdoors if ordered with manual override system).

E2 Position Switches = Position OPEN and CLOSED volt free feed back (no voltage supplied from actuator).
Rating 0 to 36vDC 0.4 Amp Max. (ABVM04SV/9AR-E2, ABVM04SV/2AR-E2, ABVM04SV/9-E2, ABVM04SV/2-E2)

Ideal for most fluids and gases compatible with stainless steel, PTFE and FKM seals

Destruction Test.
On the 26th November 2020 at around 10.40am we connected an ABVM04S/9AR (a dry 1/2 BSP mini ball valve with 9-24vACDC failsafe closed actuator) to our SVDT22 (digital cycle timer), and set this for 1 cycle every 60 seconds (30 sec power ON Open then 30 Sec power off to Close) 24/7 all day all night non-stop. (except holidays)

As of August 31, 2022 the valve has opened and closed, 926800 times and still working perfectly.

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