Stainless steel Coalescing & Activated Carbon filters 11/2 to DN250

Brand: Connexion

Model: BHL

Width 15.00
Height 530.00
Length 170.00

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Stainless steel Dust, Coalescing and Carbon Air Filter units Series BHL
Port: 11/2, 2 BSP thread or DN65 to DN250 PN16 Flange
Thread: BSPP (G), option BSPT, NPT or Rc thread
Body: 304 stainless steel, option 316L stainless.
Working Pressure: 16 Bar Max
Max Pressure: can withstand 32 Bar for 96 hours
Burst pressure: 105 Bar
Service life: 15 years, 6000 to 8000 hours
Temperature: +1.5°C to +80°C Max
Drain: Manual drain
All filters are cleaned and degreased before shipping.
Supplied fully assembled, with sight glass, differential pressure gauge and manual drain valve, boxed and ready to use.

Filter Element Options:
PF - 5μ (Primary Filter) ISO12500-3 solid particles over 5μ, ISO12500-1 50% oil removal, residual 5mg/M³.
AO - 1μ Coalescing, ISO12500-3 solid particle removal 99.999+%, ISO12500-1 80+% oil removal, residual 0.6mg/M³ at 21C + 1ppm water.
AA - 0.01μ Coalescing, ISO12500-3 solid particle removal 99.999+%, ISO12500-1 oil removal 99.9+%, residual oil <0.01mg/M³ at 21C + 0.01ppm water.
ACS - Activated Carbon, ISO12500-3 particle removal 99.999+%, ISO12500-1 oil removal <0.004mg/M³ 21C + 0.003ppm water.

Models L145 to L620 require 1x element, L800 to L1200 2x L620 elements, L1400 3x L620 elements, L1600 4x L620 elements, L1800 5x L620 elements and L2200 8x L620 elements.

These can assembled together for twin and three stage filter sets, offering prefilter / coalescing and activated carbon filtration for the most demanding pure compressed air applications.

Manufactured to International Standards (ISO8753) ISO12500, ISO12500-1, ISO12500-2 + ISO12500-3.
ISO 12500 has made clear a general test and definition method for the compressed air filter manufacturers. The main performance parameters are the air inlet oil content and the particle size distribution of the solid particles.
ISO12500-1 specifies the test requirements for the filtration performance of oil aerosol in the coalescing filter.
ISO12500-2 specifies the test requirements of absorption filters for the removal performance of steam absorption.
ISO12500-3 specifies the requirements for removal of particulate matter from solid pollutants.

Supplied by professional manufacturers of compressed air separation, filtration and purification equipment since 1998.

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