Stainless steel Air Filter Regulator 3/4 1 BSP/NPT USFR06-08

Brand: Shako Co Ltd

Model: USFR06-08

Width 125.00
Height 275.50
Length 75.00

£692.74 £1,270.01
Price Ex Vat: £577.28

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316 Stainless steel air filter regulator port 3/4 or 1 BSP, NPT or Rc thread, USFR-06 3/4" USFR-08 1" is an all 316 stainless steel modular system with Viton seals, pressure range 0.5 to 12 Bar or 12 to 28 Bar, option bowl viewer (Max 12 Bar), Pressure tested 60 Bar. Filter elements 5 or 40 micron 316 stainless steel. Drain manual, semi automatic or fully automatic. Max flow 3/4" 8500/17000 or 1" 8900/21000 L/Min weight 4580g, filter bowl capacity 200cc. Supplied boxed ready to use with pressure gauge and blanking plug, mounting bracket and 2x mounting screws.
Metallic parts meet NACE Standard MR-01-75

Equivalent To

Asco, L70LG02, L70LG03, L70LG04,L70L-02, L70L-03, L70L-04
Indequip 333L23, 333N23, 333P23, 343N21,
Midland ACS, 4LUBSN172, 3500 series
Parker, PL10
Shako, USL-02 1/4" BSP, USL-02N 1/4" NPT and USL-02R 1/4" Rc thread.
Shako, USL-03 3/8" BSP, USL-03N 3/8" NPT and USL-03R 3/8" Rc thread.
Shako, USL-04 1/2" BSP, USL-04N 1/2" NPT and USL-04R 1/2" Rc thread.
Pneuco A12LX

User Reviews

Anemoi on Feb 2, 2015

hi there, got the 5 micron filter element - thank you, sorry I ordered the wrong one. Thanks for not charging me for the replacement filter element, very impressed with service all round. PS I like your on-line chat, really useful e mail with details of conversation. A++ Anemoi