Air Filter Regulator 1/4 3/8 and 1/2 BSP NUFR

Brand: Shako Co Ltd

Model: NUFR

Width 64.50
Height 245.00
Length 60.00

£28.80 £50.87
Price Ex Vat: £24.00

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Shako Filter/Regulator NUFR is a fully assembled boxed set with bracket and pressure gauge, pressure 0.5 to 10 Bar, Ports sizes 1/4, 3/8 or 1/2 BSP, (optional NPT or Rc), filtration 40 micron PE filter is standard (optional 5 micron PE or sintered bronze 5 and 40 micron), standard polycarbonate bowl option Anti acid or aluminium, drain semi automatic standard optional fully automatic or manual drain.

Equivalent To

Norgren Olympian plus B64G

User Reviews

Dave Grey on Dec 13, 2016

Order 10 of these units, arrived following day in boxes, with Gauge and bracket assembled ready to go. Must say delighted with service and product quality, real value for money in my mind. I am sort of hoping that buy writing this someone there will notice and give me some customer feedback discount for next time!! Just joking, price is excellent, delivery FOC too!! I can't find anything to complain about, and to be honest I am very good and finding fault.

Martin on Feb 2, 2015

I bought the 1/2" BSP one it arrived the following morning, must say very impressed with quality and service too.

James on Oct 3, 2014

Actually suprised me, its far too cheap but the quaity is excellent as well as the service. Dont know how you do this but thank you, it works a treat and much better flow than I experienced before. I'll need another 10 soon, so I will call you. Thanks Lads.