Stainless Steel Y pattern filter 3/8" F/F

Brand: Connexion

Model: YS38SS

Width 20.00
Height 49.00
Length 55.00

£15.46 £23.08
Price Ex Vat: £12.88

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316 Stainless Steel Y Pattern Filter strainer, Size 3/8" BSP or NPT thread, Pressure 55 Bar, seals PTFE, 316 stainless steel body, 304 stainless steel filter mesh, mesh perforation from 0.3mm temperature -29C to +232ºC maximum. CNC machined with correct small filtration mesh sizes to most remove debris and particles bigger than 0.3mm, can be used with aggressive and corrosive media compatible with 316/314 stainless and PTFE.

Equivalent To

2019-3975, 2019-3953, 2019-3960
RS pro type 2049 CF8M
Swiss fittings A-261T DN10, DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN50 and DN50.
YS38SS, -38SS

User Reviews

Martínez on Feb 9, 2016

Quite surprised, quality is better than expected, fast delivery, tracked ETA, price was good. Has expected the usual cheap rubbish, but you somehow managed to break the trend. Shame you don't have a 3" version in stock, but the 21/2" was fine anyway. A+ customer experience as far as I am concerned. Martínez

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