Flanged DN15-150 Cast Steel Solenoid Valve 0-25 Bar N/Open

Brand: RSG

Model: NO860CS

Width 95.00
Height 165.00
Length 130.00

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Flanged 2/2 way Cast Steel solenoid valve, port DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40, DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN125 and DN150, function 2/2 way Normally Open, pressure range 0 to 25 Bar. The NO860CS 2/2 way Normally Open Direct Acting Cast Steel Flanged Direct Acting Solenoid Valve is very robust strong well designed solenoid valve with positive opening and closing functions, optional PTFE seals, ATEX coil and Open and Closed Position switches and manual Over Ride.

Equivalent To

RSG Regal NO860B15G1F3N, NO860B15G1F3E, NO860B15G1F3F, NO860B20G1F3N, NO860B20G1F3E, NO860B20G1F3F, NO860B25G1F3N, NO860B25G1F3E, NO860B25G1F3F, NO860B32G2F3N, NO860B32G2F3E, NO860B32G2F3F, NO860B40G2F3N, NO860B40G2F3E, NO860B40G2F3F, NO860B50G2F3N, NO860B50G2F3E, NO860B50G2F3F