Solenoid Valve Coil Core 13mm, H37.5mm, W36.5mm, L50mm

Brand: CS Fluid Power Co Ltd

Model: WPG1

Width 36.50
Height 37.50
Length 50.00

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Solenoid Valve Replacement coil Core WP-G1-D 13mm H 37.5mm W 36.5mm L 50mm ISO 43650A Class H IP67 Coil series WPG1D ISO 43650A (Square) Class H (180ºC rated) IP68 UL and  CSA registered solenoid Coil. Power consumption DC is 12 Watts, AC 50/60 Hz is 11.2VA to 9.1VA depending on voltage. Stock voltages include 12vdc, 24vdc, 48vdc or 24vac, 48vac, 110vac, 220vac, 230vac, 240vac and 380v AC 50/60Hz.
Option for WP-G1-F, WPG1E coil with 30 cm flying lead wires with IP65 protection and a great available range of voltages.
Fits CS fluid power solenoid valve series AD6000, AD8000, ADS6000, ADS8000, AD6, AD8, SA6, SA8, VX, ADS8, ADS10, HPVS, PA series valves.

Equivalent To

WPG1, WPG1D, WPG1E, mh45009
ul certified solenoid valve

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