Armature Normally Open Tube 2/2 Way 225320VNO System 13

Brand: Shako Co Ltd

Model: 225320VNO

Width 14.60
Height 22.00
Length 58.00

£31.03 £42.11
Price Ex Vat: £25.86

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2/2 normally open armature assembly stainless steel 2/2 way with FKM seals, suits all Shako NOPU225, NOPU225F, NOSPU225, NOSPU225F, NOPU225H solenoid valves. Can convert SPU225 and PU225 normally closed series solenoid valves to normally open NOSPU or NOPU225 series.
The patented lighter spring balanced normally open three piece stainless steel 2/2 way normally open armature is a new design concept from Shako and helps maintain a cooler coil when energised to keep the solenoid valve closed. Coil surface temperature improvements exceeding 20 degrees kelvin have led to huge normally open solenoid valve coil life expectancy increases.

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