Solenoid Valve Coil Core 13mm, H 38.5mm, W 29.5, L 37.4mm, 11630BP

Brand: Baccara

Model: 11630BP

Width 29.50
Height 40.00
Length 40.00

£40.02 £59.75
Price Ex Vat: £33.35

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Solenoid Valve IP68 replacement Coil internal diameter / core 13mm, H 38.5mm, W 29.5mm L 37.4mm IP68 submersible with 3 Meter 3 core cable IP68 rated to and submersed to a depth of 2 meters. Power DC 10 Watts, AC 50/60 Hz = Inrush 26VA Holding 14VA. Available voltages: 12 or 24vDC or 12 or 24v AC 50/60Hz