2 Brass Solenoid Valve 0.5-10 Bar 2/2 N/Open NOPU22520

Brand: Shako Co Ltd

Model: NOPU22520

Width 112.00
Height 160.50
Length 160.00

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2 inch Brass solenoid valve Model NOPU225A-20 (PU225AN-20)
Function: 2/2 way normally open
Operation: pressure assisted (requires 0.5 Bar min pressure differential)
Pressure: 0.5 to 10 Bar differential, Max working 15 Bar
Port: 2 BSP, option NPT thread
Orifice: 50.0mm
Kv flow factor: 600 L/min based on water with 1 Bar pressure drop
Body: Brass
Internals: Stainless steel
Seals NBR; Options EPDM, FKM or HNBR
Coil: 15 Watt Nass Magnet Class H DIN43650A CE IP65 100% duty rated
Option: ATEX EExmIIT4 coil for hazardous area zone 21 + 22.
Voltages: 12vdc, 24vdc, 48vdc, 110vdc, 220vdc or 12vac, 24vac, 48vac, 110vac, 220vac, 230vac, 240vac or 380vac 50/60hz.

Suitable Media: air, water, oil, LPG, diesel, petrol, propane, compressed air, light oil, gas, inert gases, nitrogen, antifreeze, glycol, carbon dioxide, argon, oxygen, kerosine, fuel oil, potable water, drinking water, low and medium pressure applications.

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