3/4 Delrin Solenoid Valve 0.5-10 Bar 2/2 N/Closed PA20

Brand: CS Fluid Power Co Ltd

Model: PA20

Width 90.00
Height 124.00
Length 104.00

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Price Ex Vat: £80.58

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3/4" BSP or NPT thread Delrin (POM) body PA20 solenoid valve function 2/2 way normally closed, pressure 0.5 to 10 bar rated, seals PA20N NBR, PA20E EPDM or PA20V FKM. The PA20 plastic solenoid valve is fitted with a copper shading ring as standard however we do keep silver shading ring armature tubes in stock to make the valve suitable for pure water, Demin Water and RO reverse osmosis water Systems. The PA20 3/4" threaded 2 way normally closed solenoid valve is failsafe closed electrical power to open and requires a minimum pressure difference of 0.5 bar i.e. at least 0.5 bar or 7 psi more pressure on the inlet port than the outlet port to fully lift the diaphragm. The PA20 delrin valve comes with WPG2 UL CSA IP66 approved 100% ED rated 18 watt DIN43650A coil and LED electrical connector as standard and offers exceptional flow via the 20.0mm orifice. Available voltages 12vdc, 24vdc, 48vdc, 110vdc, 220vdc or 12vac, 24vac, 48vac, 110vac, 220vac, 230vac, 240vac or 380vac 50/60hz.

Equivalent To

CS Fluid Power PA20V,PA20E,PA20N
ERA-SIB, 225239+100341, 225239+200341, 225239+300341,