Elektrogas Manual Reset Solenoid Valve for Gas – EVRM-NC-3/4

Brand: Elektrogas

Model: EVRM-NC-2

Width 96.00
Height 165.00
Length 85.00

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Price Ex Vat: £52.00

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3/4" BSP EVRM-NC-2 Gas Solenoid Valve, Function Manual Reset Normally Closed, Certified EN161 Class A Group 2, Pressure 0 to 0.6 Bar 600mBar, Media Mains Natural Gas and non corrosive gases family 1, 2 and 3. The manual reset safety system is designed to prevent the valve from automatically reopening after power failure. When power is reapplied the valve will stay closed until manually reset (pulled) back into the open position - power will then keep the valve in the open position after being reset. Upon power failure the gas valve will quickly close preventing gas flow. The design of the system is to prevent mains gas flow until the ignition pilot light has been re-established and checked by an on site engineer / maintenance technician who can then lift the manual reset gas valve back into the fully open position allowing full mains gas flow. Standard stock voltage 230vAC and pressure 0-600mBar, other voltages 12v, 24volt or 110vAC and 6 Bar pressure options available as special order.

Equivalent To

BES Solenoid Gas Safety Shut Off Valve - 3/4", Part number: 8928
Caleffi, normally closed manual reset series 8541, 854125, 854145, 837005, 837105, 837205
Coster GRC820, GRC420, GRC 220
Madas, GSSV20, M16/RM NC DN20
Banico, ZEVM20

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