1/8 1/4 3/2 way solenoid valve 0-8 Bar N/Closed PU320

Brand: Shako Co Ltd

Model: PU320

Width 23.00
Height 83.00
Length 33.00

£28.79 £44.52
Price Ex Vat: £23.99

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1/8 PU320-01 or 1/4 PU320-02 Miniature Air Solenoid Valve 3/2 Normally Closed Pressure 0-8 Bar Shako series PU320 Direct Acting Manifold / sub base mounted solenoid valve can be assembled into a manifold with single inlet multiple outlets making this the most cost effective compact low power 5 watt 3 way solenoid valve for multiple pneumatic cylinder or actuator control systems and control panels. If you would like your solenoid valve manifold system supplied assembled just tick and order the mounting kit option and send us a message to assemble when checking out and we will be happy to assemble your manifold system for you at no additional charge.

Equivalent To

ACL, E305AB12, E305AV12, E305AE12, E305AB15, E305AV15, E305AE15
Airtac Electrical Pneumatic Solenoid Valve 3V1-06, 3V2M, 3v2m2
Asco solenoid valve, 107 00 206,107 00 207, 107 00 208, 107 00 209, 107 00 210, 107 00 211
AZ Pneumatica, 00.71.3, 00.053.3
Bearing shop, KCV1-1/8-C, KCV1-1/4-C, KCV-06-A, KCV1-06-B
Burkert, 125335N, 125348, 135334M, 125349
Camozzi, A331-1C2, 638150a63, Camozzi 638M-101-A63 Direct Solenoid Valve, 3 Way, NC, 1"/8", Single Manifold, 24 VDC
Clippard, MME-3PDS-D
Festo, MFH-3-1/4
FG Line, AC01BB12T, AC01BV12T, AC01BE12T, CC01BB12T, CC01BV12T, CC01BE12T, AC01BB15T, AC01BV15T, AC01BE15T, CC01BB15T, CC01BV15T, CC01BE15T.
Ingersol Rand, CAT33P, CAT33S, 54774302
MAC 35a-aca-ddaj-1jm
Mindman, MVDC-220-3E1-AC110, MVDC-220-3E1-AC220, MVDC-220-3E1-DC24
Norgren, Excel, 22 M/48 and M49
nmpc solenoid valve
SAZN, 3w 3v1-06
Shako, PU32001A, PU32001E, PU32001V, PU32002A, PU32002AE, PU32002AV, PU30001A, PU30001AE, PU30001AV, PU30002A, PU30002AE, PU30002AV, PU320-01, PU320-02
Parket Climax Series 5, 9n301 1/8" 3/2 way with manual over ride valve made by baccara
staiger ma 132 001
STC 2v035 1/8 p, 2v035 1/4, 2v035 1 8 p
SMC vt307 5g 01

User Reviews

Saliveros on May 30, 2018

Excellent work, thanks for building the manifold for me, actually looks better than the picture.

S.Booth on Feb 24, 2016

Thank you for your help and support, I was really confused before I called. Valve arrived next day and cylinders back up and working again. xx