Air Pressure Regulator 316 stainless steel 1/4 BSP/NPT miniature SSR200

Brand: Shako Co Ltd

Model: SSR200

Width 91.10
Height 118.00
Length 45.00

£247.51 £353.59
Price Ex Vat: £206.26

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316 Stainless steel air pressure regulator Port 1/4" BSP, NPT or Rc thread provides efficient accurate and sensative pressure regulation and control ideally suited for the chemical, outdoor, food processing, offshore and semiconductor industries. The SSR200-02 miniature compact quarter inch air regulator is an all 316 stainless steel unit with a working pressure range from 0.5 to 20 bar which has been factory pressure tested to 30 bar. Max flow 1850 L/Min weight 1200g supplied with 304 stainless steel pressure gauge with 316 stainless thread, mounting bracket, plug and 2x mounting screws and includes M30x1.5mm panel mounting thread. Accuracy: 0 to 8 Bar (+/- 3% FSD), 8 to 12 Bar (+/- 2% FSD), 12 to 20 Bar (+/- 3% FSD). Can be supplied to FDA standards with REACH 579 food grade lubricant.

Equivalent To

Asco, R70NG02G, R70RN02G, R70NG02H, R70RN02H, R70NG02P, R70RN02P, R72R-02, R72N-02, R72RG02, R72NOG02, R72R-02P, R72N-02P, R72RG02P, R72NOG02P
Marsh Bellofram, 51SSR, 960-245-000, 960-246-000, 960-247-000
Norgren, R05-200-RNLA, R05-232-RNLA
Parker, PR354, PR364
SSR200-02 1/4" BSP, SSR200-02N 1/4" NPT, SSR200-02R 1/4" Rc Thread
SSR200-02H 1/4" BSP, SSR200-02NH 1/4" NPT, SSR200-02RH 1/4" Rc Thread.
Versa, ARNA-3011-316, ARNA-3012-316, ARNA-3013-316, ARNA-3014-316, ARNB-3011-316, ARNB-3012-316

User Reviews

Doug. on Feb 9, 2016

Great little compact air pressure regulator, very accurate and well polished 316 stainless casing makes it look right, unlike those dull cast stainless ones I was buying elsewhere. price is fine, could be better, delivery OK, suggest you stock more. Otherwise generally quite happy and willing to come back for more. Noticed you offer larger sizes of stainless FRL's, if these are as sweet as the miniature ones I'll recommend you to our purchasing officer who buys these regularly. Doug.

Matt on Apr 28, 2015

Fast delivery, great price, plenty of technical support and the unit looks great. Thanks again for your help and getting these over from the factory for me so quickly, had given up on my other supplier - glad I did your unit is far better.

Clark on Feb 2, 2015

Excellent service, quick delivery and great quality miniature stainless steel regulator, very precise too even at 15 bar. Thank you. Clark.

Guy U on Feb 2, 2015

Great stainless mini regulators, work a treat and all Panel mounted in perfectly. Nice data sheets helped me configure all pipework and install dimensions in advance, quick turnaround on delivery, good quality job sorted and finished ahead of schedule. Thank you.