Solenoid valve Coil Core 16mm, H 40.5mm, W 50.0mm, L 50.0mm

Brand: CS Fluid Power Co Ltd

Model: WPA3C

Width 50.00
Height 42.00
Length 50.00

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WPA3C solenoid Coil Core 16mm H 40.5mm W 50.0mm L 50.0mm Class H IP54 High Power Coil, CS fluid power WPAC3 Class N (200°C) IP54 Coil with 30cm flying lead wire, Power DC 33.6 Watts, AC 50/60 Hz = 88VA to 57VA.
Available voltages: 12vdc,24vdc and 48vDC or 24vac,110vac and 230volt AC 50/60Hz.

Equivalent To

Fits solenoid valves AD6000, AD8000, ADS6000, ADS8000, AD612, SA610, VX, ADS812, AD1550, ADS1550, ADF, SAP, SAPS, SAHH, SAHHH, NOAD612, NOHPV, VX, ADSF, SASH, SASHH, SASHHH, NOS812, NOHPVS, SA, SAF, NOSA, NOSAF, NOPA,