11/4 Brass Solenoid Valve 0-10 Bar 2/2 N/Closed AD35

Brand: CS Fluid Power Co Ltd

Model: AD35

Width 90.00
Height 140.00
Length 120.00

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11/4 inch Brass solenoid valve CS Fluid Power AD35
Function: 2/2 way normally closed
Operation: Assisted lift (zero rated)
Port: 11/4 BSPP option NPT or Rc thread
Body: Brass
Internals: Stainless steel
Pressure: 0 to 10 Bar (AC) or 7 Bar (DC voltage).
Vacuum: 10-6 torr
Orifice 35.0mm
Kv flow factor: 371.8 L/min based on water with 1 Bar pressure drop
Seals: NBR standard; option EPDM; FKM, Silicone or FFKM.
Media: air, water, light oils, LPG, diesel, vacuum, petrol, propane, inert gases, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, oxygen, antifreeze, glycol, kerosene, fuel oil and most other non aggressive fluids under 50CST and gases that are combatible with materials of construction.
Coil: WPG2 18 Watt DIN43650A Class H 100% duty rated with CE; UL; CSA and IP67 approval
Protection: IP65 LED connector (Included).
Coil Option: ATEX EExmIIT4 coil for hazardous area zones 21 and 22 (Pressure 0 to 3 Bar Max).
Voltages: 12vDC, 24vDC, 48vDC, 24vAC, 48vAC, 110vAC, 230vAc and 380vAC.
Other options: Manual Over Ride, degreased and custom made options.

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