1 Stainless Solenoid Valve 0.5-10 Bar 2/2 N/open NOSPU22508

Brand: Shako Co Ltd

Model: NOSPU22508

Width 70.00
Height 134.00
Length 100.00

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1 inch 316 stainless steel solenoid valve NOSPU225A-08 (SPU225AN-08)
Function: 2/2 way normally open
Operation: pressure assisted (Min 0.5 Bar differential)
Pressure: 0.5 to 10 Bar differential, 15 Bar max working
Body: 316 stainless steel
Internals: stainless steel
Shading ring: Copper, option silver for demin water RO water or pure water.
Port: 1 BSPP, option NPT or Rc thread.
Orifice: 25.0mm
Kv flow factor: 165 L/min based on water with 1 Bar pressure drop
Sealing: FKM standard optional EPDM, NBR or HNBR
Media: air, water, light oils, gases and other liquids under 50 CST that are compatible with materials of construction.
Coil: 15 Watt Nass Magnet Class H CE IP65 approved 100% duty rated DIN43650A
Protection: IP65 with connector (Included)
Coil option: ATEX EExmIIT4 hazardous area zones 21 and 22.
Voltages: 12vDC, 24vDC, 48vDC, 110vDC or 220vDC or 24vAC, 48vAC, 110vAC, 220vAC, 240vAC or 380vAC 50/60Hz

SPU225 solenoid valve is ATEX approved according to 94/9/EC of March 23 1994 certificate number Sira 09ATEX6180X, and also complies with essential health and safety requirements EN 13463-1:2001 and EN 1364-5:2003.

Equivalent To

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Shako SPU225AN-08S 1" BSP, SPU225AN-08SN 1" NPT 2/2 normally open stainless steel solenoid valve with Viton seals.
Shako SPU225ANB-08S 1" BSP, SPU225ANB-08SN 1" NPT 2/2 normally open stainless steel solenoid valve with NBR seals.
Shako SPU225ANE-08S 1" BSP, SPU225ANE-08SN 1" NPT 2/2 normally open stainless steel solenoid valve with EPDM seals.
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