11/4" Delrin Solenoid Valve 0.5-10 Bar 2/2 N/Open

Brand: CS Fluid Power Co Ltd

Model: NOPA35

Width 120.00
Height 170.00
Length 120.00

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Price Ex Vat: £179.29

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11/4" BSP Delrin (POM) solenoid valve 2/2 way normally open 0.5 to 10 bar rated with NBR, EPDM or FKM seals suitable for pure water, Demin Water and RO reverse osmosis water Systems. The NOPA35 11/4" 2 way normally open solenoid valve is failsafe open electrical power to close and requires a minimum pressure difference of 0.5 bar i.e. at least 0.5 bar or 7 psi more pressure on the inlet port than the outlet port. The NOPA35 delrin valve comes with WPG2 UL CSA IP68 approved 100% ED rated coil as standard and offers exceptional flow via the 35.0mm orifice. Available voltages 12vdc,24vdc,48vdc,110vdc,220vdc or 12vac,24vac,48vac,110vac,220vac,230vac,240vac or 380vac 50/60hz.

Equivalent To

CS Fluid Power NOPA35V, NOPA35E, NOPA35N