3/8 Steam Solenoid Valve 0.5-12 Bar air/water 0.5-20 Bar SA14

Brand: CS Fluid Power Co Ltd

Model: SA14

Width 48.00
Height 123.00
Length 67.00

£140.98 £210.43
Price Ex Vat: £117.48

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3/8" BSP Steam solenoid valve 2/2 Way Normally Closed Brass 12 bar 200ºC steam rated or 20 bar air / water with 15.0mm orifice, stainless steel piston with graphite impregnated PTFE seats and seals. The SA14 is very robust well designed high flow highly reliable steam piston operated solenoid valve series and is one of the best in our range making the SA14 3/8" the ideal choice as a quality long term high pressure and high temperature open and close solenoid valve solution and comes with IP68, UL and CSA approved solenoid coil.

Equivalent To

Asco redhat series 8210G006
ODE solenoid valve 21pw3k0t120, 21pw3k0v120
CS Fluid Power SA14, NSA-14-G2
SMC solenoid valve VXH2230-04
Parker NKV10E
Shako PU225S-03

User Reviews

Olivier on Jul 10, 2014

Excellent steam solenoid valve, arrive 2 days later to Italy!! 100% rated to 12 bar 200 Centigrade steam. Sorry I broke one, now with the YSS filter installed it filters out the debris perfectly so the steam solenoid valve works correctly now. Thanks for not charging extra and I must say excellent customer service even though the fault was mine and thank you for the filter too. I will be back for more for sure.