DN32-50 Bronze steam solenoid valve 0.3-10Bar N/Closed

Brand: Kuhnway Corporation

Model: MTFS

Width 62.00
Height 206.00
Length 172.00

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Price Ex Vat: £376.71

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Bronze solenoid valve for steam and hot media Flanged DN32, DN40 or DN50 2/2 Normally Closed Bronze 0.3 - 10 Bar Steam Solenoid Valve series MTFS 1 piece casting series ideally suited for Steam operation Pressure / Servo Assisted Lift piston solenoid valve. These bronze steam single casting solenoid valves utalise the system pressure differential to lift the internal piston and are the preffered choice for most manufacturers and resellers offering long life cost effective steam control. The internal parts are made from Bronze, stainless steel and PTFE to withstand steam up to 10 Bar pressure and temperatures up to 180 degrees centigrade.

Equivalent To

Kuhnway Corporation Queen Valve, MT-32S(M17), MT-40S(M17), MT-50S(M17), MT-32FS(M17), MT-40FS(M17), MT-50FS(M17)