Foot valve Ductile Iron Flange DN50-DN200

Brand: Z-Tide Valves Industrial Co. Ltd

Model: FVF-D

Width 190.00
Height 160.00
Length 190.00

£175.34 £292.25
Price Ex Vat: £146.12

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Foot strainer water suction valve Ductile Iron FVF-D
Function: Filtration, self cleaning and aids pump priming
Port: DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN125, DN150, DN200 PN10 flange
Body: Ductile Iron
Seats and Shaft: Brass
Disc: Ductile Iron
Seals: NBR
Screen seat: Ductile Iron
Self cleaning lever: Ductile Iron
Screen: stainless steel
Pressure: Vacuum to 12 Bar
Temperature: -15°C to +80°C

Designed for the inlet protection for water suction systems, incorporates a filter screen to protect against large debris ingress, an internal check non return valve that protects against loss of suction and aids in pump priming reducing suction pump run dry time and a lever operated back flush mechanism that allows users to back flush and clean the filter screen without the need to remove the foot valve from its submerged position thus removing the need to stop and re-prime the suction pump.

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