M3 5/2 Solenoid air valve double acting 10mm wide PM521S

Brand: Shako Co Ltd

Model: PM521S

Width 10.00
Height 31.00
Length 64.80

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M3 body ported, Base Mount and M5 manifold 5/2 way solenoid valve single acting PM521S
Function: 5/2 way double acting
Operation: internal pilot
Port: M3 thread, option base mount (B) or Manifold M5 port
Width: 10mm
Pressure: 1 to 7 Bar, Max working 10 Bar
Cycle rate: 500 cycles per minute (max)
Orifice: 1.0mm²
Temperature: -10°C to +60°C
Body: Aluminium alloy
Seals: NBR
Media: Compressed air and inert gases
Coil: 2.5 Watt IP65 Class F 100% duty rated with JPC connector and LED.
Voltages: 6vDC, 12vDC or 24vDC

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