ATEX Electrical Connector form A without Circuit 611-201-1291 0-250v

Brand: Nass Magnet GmbH

Model: 611-201-1291

Width 28.00
Height 31.00
Length 28.00

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Price Ex Vat: £13.89

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ATEX Ex connector type 611-201-1291
Certificate number nm 18.0104 X is equipment in the sense of Directive 2014/34/EU.
A correct installation to a counterpart (field device) is essential for the intended use and safe operation.
The connector has CE and Ex marking, that indicates the following when correctly assembled.

Equipment protection level (EPL) Gc for potentially explosive gas atmospheres of zone 2 (corresponds to ATEX catagory 3G) using protection type "non sparking equipment nA" with all gases (group IIC) and ignition temperatures up to T5 =100°C.

Equipment protection level (EPL) Dc for potentially explosive dust atmospheres of Zone 22 (corresponds ATEX Category 3D) using protection type "by enclosure t" with all types of dust (Group IIIC) and maximum surface temperature of 100°C.

Please refer to installation instructions before installation.

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