1/4 EN161 Gas Approved Solenoid Valve 0-200mBar Auto Reset

Brand: Elektrogas

Model: VMR01OTN

Width 30.00
Height 75.00
Length 46.00

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1/4" Brass Gas solenoid valve VMR01OTN Certified: EN161 Class A Group 2 Function: Normally Closed Pressure: 0 to 200mBar, Orifice 6mm, Kv: 9.16 L/Min. This Brass Miniature Gas Valve is ideal for ON/OFF control for small Gas equipment and is pure direct acting function giving positive on/off sealing gas flow control.

Equivalent To

Asco solenoid valve equivalent egsce262c002, egsce262c090
BES Solenoid Gas Safety Shut Off Valve - 1/4", Part number: 6898
Black Teknigas 2821001-00, BLACK, 63AQ7350/1
ERA SIB 21211GN, 21211GF, 21611GN, 21611GF, 22011GN, 22011GF, 22411GN, 22411GF, 23011GN, 23011GF, 24011GN014, 24011GF014, 25011GN014, 25011GF014, 27011GN014, 27011GF014
Exodraft SMG 1/4" Solenoid Valve
Maclaren, SM47
Parker ve131 4gg, parker ve 131.4 gg, VE131 1/4" Gas Solenoid Valve 240v

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