Form Micro DIN43650 C electrical connectors with moulded cable IP67

Brand: Nass Magnet GmbH


Width 200.00
Height 31.50
Length 200.00

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Micro Type C 15.6x15.6mm (9.4mm between pins) moulded PA6 GF30 connector with 2+2Earth and 2 meter cable (H03WF) 3 core green/yellow - blue - brown wires AC/DC 0-250v 10 amp max or with RED 24volt or 230volt LED 1.5 Amp Max current. Protection IP67. DIN ISO 2768-mK, DIN A4

Equivalent To

Nass Magnet 614-202-0047, 614-202-0048, 614-202-0049,