Coalescing filter element 0.01 micron (RED) replacement ZH04/08H

Brand: Shako Co Ltd

Model: ZH04H,ZH08H

Width 30.00
Height 100.00
Length 30.00

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Coalescing filter element ZH04H ZH08H
ZH04H 0.01μm Micron coalescing filter fits UMF02 (1/4), UMF03 (3/8), UMF04 (1/2) breathing air filter and UFR-UMFB-UMFKB 3 stage and UFR-UMF 2 stage breathing air quality filter regulator set.
ZH08H 0.01μm Micron coalescing filter fits UMF06 (3/4) and UMF08 (1) BA filter units.
Coalescing filters are designed to trap remaining oil and particles larger than 0.00001mm. Typically used in conjunction with 5 micron prefilter to remove the larger particles, water and oil beforehand.

User Reviews

Andrzej on Feb 6, 2017

Excellent well done. Have been buying your BA filter systems for a while now and needed an esy way to get the replacement elements. Will order more as an when I need them. Thanks. Andrzej

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