1/2 Nylon Solenoid Valve 0-7 Bar N/Closed PK15

Brand: AAA Enterprise Co Ltd

Model: PK15

Width 56.00
Height 114.00
Length 71.00

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Price Ex Vat: £68.62

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1/2" BSP or NPT Delrin (POM) PK15 solenoid valve 2/2 way normally closed is available with NBR, EPDM or FKM seals. The DC voltage valves are without shading ring, but are fitted with 18.5 watt coils offering a pressure range from 0 to 4 bar, whilst the AC voltage valves are fitted with silver shading ring and 15 watt solenoid coil oferring a pressure range from 0 to 7 bar making these valves ideally suited for pure water, Demin Water and RO reverse osmosis water Systems. The PK15 1/2" 2 way normally closed solenoid valve is failsafe closed electrical power to open and requires no minimum pressure difference and is ideally suited to low pressure, suction, gravity fed and closed loop systems where there is limited or unknown pressure difference between inlet and outlet ports. The PK15 delrin solenoid valve comes with Nass Magnet CE IP65 approved 100% ED rated coil as standard and offers exceptional flow via the 18.0mm orifice. The valve can withstand 10 bar working pressure but is limited to 7 bar differential pressure. i.e. 10 bar inlet with 3 bar or more back pressure is acceptable.

Equivalent To

Clusterflush. clusterclean flush valve, PK15E-5-12vdc
Raritan CWPS12B Marine Solenoid Valve
Sunwell PK15NS, PK15VS, PK15ES, PK15N-5, PK15V-5, PK15E-5, pk 15 j 5

User Reviews

Martin on Aug 28, 2015

Excellent valve for my RO water system, easy to order, arrived quickly, installed and working. If I need another 1/2" 2-way pure water valve I know where to come. Thanks. Mart.