Flanged Solenoid Valve 316 Stainless Steel DN50-DN300 N/Open

Brand: Z-Tide Valves Industrial Co. Ltd


Width 187.00
Height 0.00
Length 190.00

£1,500.00 £2,157.58
Price Ex Vat: £1,250.00

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Flanged stainless steel solenoid valve Z-Tide NOBFE-SS
Function: 2/2 way normally open with anti water hammer design
Operation: pressure assisted (requires min 0.3 Bar pressure difference)
Port: Flange DN50 to DN500 PN16, option ANSI150Lb or JIS10K flange
Pressure: 0.3 to 10 Bar (Option 0.3 to 16 Bar)
Body: 316 stainless steel
Internals: stainless steel
Piston: 316 stainless steel
Open/close time: 3 to 5 seconds
Seals: NBR U ring standard, option FKM or EPDM
Media: Water, steam or fluids under 50 CST compatible with materials of construction.
Voltage: 12vDC; 24vDC; 125vDC or 24vAC, 110vAC or 230vAC 50/60Hz
Coil: M16 26 Watt IP65 CE DIN43650A 100% duty rated.
Protection: IP65 with connector (included)
Coil option: ATEX EExmIIT4 for hazardous area zones 21 and 22.

The BFE drum valve is with external pilot solenoid controller and manual over ride with patented cylindrical multi-functional valve design and internal piston are a perfect solution for large bore pipelines requiring high flow, anti-hammer design offering easy installation, maintenance and transport.
The external control pipework is easily removed leaving a very robust cylindrical valve body, the internal piston design allows for very high flow rates as compared to standard solenoid valves.

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