1 water Irrigation Solenoid Valve 6-40vDC 2/2 latching PN22508AL

Brand: Connexion

Model: PN22508AL

Width 44.00
Height 133.00
Length 119.00

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Price Ex Vat: £20.44

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1 inch Water irrigation Solenoid Valve PN22508AL
Function: 2/2 way latching / bi-stable
Operation: Pressure assisted (min 0.65 Bar pressure differential)
Port: 1 BSP, option NPT thread.
Pressure: 0.65 Bar to 10 Bar (150 psi)
Body: PA66 Glass Filled heavy duty Corrosion and UV resistant
Internals: stainless steel
Seals: NBR
Orifice: 25mm
Kv flow factor: 7.7 cubic meters an hour based on 1 psi pressure drop.
Media temperature: +60°C Max (140°F).
Included: Anti-water hammer design, flow controller, manual over ride and external bleed screw with removable metering pin for easy cleaning without disassembly of valve
Coil: IP66 2.2 Watt with 30cm lead wires 100% duty rated.
Voltages: Any 6 to 40vDC supply (Requires 4700μf capacitor) pulse 20 to 100 millisecond.

The PN22508AL latching function requires short electrical 6 volt to 40 volt DC pulse to stay open and then reverse polarity pulse to stay closed (swap +ve and -ve), repeat cycle for open and closed function. Requires 4700μf capacitor in circuit.

Ideally suited for irrigation systems, underground water systems, agricultural sprinkler systems, landscaping and green house water systems.

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