1/2 Nylon Solenoid Valve 0-7 Bar N/Open NOPK15

Brand: AAA Enterprise Co Ltd

Model: NOPK15

Width 56.00
Height 90.00
Length 71.00

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Price Ex Vat: £92.47

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1/2 BSP or NPT 2/2 way normally open Nylon solenoid valve, pressure range 0 to 5 Bar zero rated Solenoid Valve. This NOPK15 1/2 BSP 2/2 N/Open plastic solenoid valve is either fitted without shading ring and Nass magnet 18.5 watt DC coil or a silver shading ring and a Nass Magnet 15 Watt AC coil making the NOPK15 solenoid valve ideally suited as standard for pure water, Demin Water and RO reverse osmosis water Systems.

Equivalent To

Sunwell NOPK15NS, NOPK15VS, NOPK15ES, NOPK15N-5, NOPK15V-5, NOPK15E-5