Emergency Electrical Knock-OFF Switch 240V

Brand: Connexion

Model: KOB-1

Width 45.00
Height 60.00
Length 45.00

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Emergency Electrical Knock-Off Switch 400V 10 Amp rated - Strike RED knob will cut electrical supply, rotating knob clockwise resets the switch. Includes 1x normally closed and also 1x normally open 400 volt rated CE Switch, so can also be wired for Strike RED Knob will cut power to 1 circuit AND/OR apply power to another circuit for an alarm.
Dimensions L68mm x W68mm, H82mm. Conforms to IEC/EN60947-5-1.

KOB-1 Operation is by hand "PUSH" on the Red mushroom button with Reset turn anti clockwise.
KR-KOB-1 Operation by hand "PUSH" on Red mushroom button with Reset KEY unlock turn anti-clockwise. (2 Keys supplied number 455).
KOB-S1 Operation by hand "PUSH" on Red mushroom button behind shroud, Reset turn anti clockwise.

Equivalent To

Duomo BX444
RS 795-1295
Omron A22E-M-01B
Blacks / Teknigas Powersev Emergency Stop Button (Plastic)
240v push switch

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Daniel W on Mar 21, 2018

Better than expected, delivery quick too and very well priced. Thanks. If I need more will be back. Dan.

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