1/4 High precision air pressure regulator 0.1-8, 0.1-4 or 0.05-2 Bar

Brand: Shako Co Ltd

Model: URP-02BG

Width 50.00
Height 110.40
Length 98.00

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1/4 inch High Precision miniature air pressure regulator URP
Port: 1/4 BSP thread, option NPT or Rc thread
Relieving as standard (vents down stream air if pressure reduced) option non relieving
Body: die cast aluminium
Internal filter: 0.3 micron (behind Brass screw) P/N NUN0010039
Pressure: 0.1 to 8 Bar URP-02 (Blue)
Pressure: 0.1 to 4 Bar URPL4-02 (Orange)
Pressure: 0.05 to 2 Bar URPL2-02 (Yellow)
Test pressure: 10 Bar
Sensitivity: +/- 0.2% FS, repeatability +/- 0.5%.
Internal design: diaphragm
Temperature range: -10°C to +60°C.
Regulator dome + knob: Nylon
Weight: 345g

Supplied boxed ready to use with mounting bracket, pressure gauge, blanking plug and panel mounting ring.

The URP series is a high precision multi stage regulator, that provides the highest level of regulation accuracy and repeatability available for accurate stable air pressure control. Suitable for high precision tension control with balanced air pressure application.

High quality and performance as a result of more than 50 years manufacturing experience and dedication to total reliability.

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