1/2 Electrically Actuated Ball Valve 9-24vAC/DC or 110-240vAC ABVM/04S

Brand: Connexion

Model: ABVM04S

Width 68.00
Height 92.00
Length 55.00

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Price Ex Vat: £32.47

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1/2 BSP mini electric actuated ball valve ABVM04 with visual position indicator has control options for Failsafe Closed, Failsafe Open or Power Open/Power Close. The Low power 5 watt 5 second IP67 multi voltage mini actuator has voltage options of 9 to 24 volt AC or DC or 110 to 240vAC and is directly mounted to a full flow 304 stainless steel 0 to 10 Bar rated ball valve with PTFE seals with temperature range -15C to +100C.
Options to choose.
Failsafe Closed - Power ON will OPEN - Power OFF will automatically CLOSE with reserve power.
Failsafe Open - Power ON will CLOSE - Power OFF will automatically OPEN with reserve power.
Failsafe: Requires 15 second power ON when out of the box to charge, thereafter min 10 second power ON when energised for recharging. Will draw less than 1 Watt when powered and not moving.
Power Open/Close - connect RED +ve and BLACK -ve wires, GREEN wire is control wire to power open or power off close.
Manual Over Ride = Button Lift + Twist will open/close valve and disengage motor, push back down to reengage motor. Available 9-24 volt only
Position Switches = volt free position CLOSED and OPEN feed back.

Ideal for dirty or clean water drainage for caravans, canal boats, motor homes, HVAC, solar water heating, solar thermal system, water recycling, rainwater system, BMS building management systems, communal and district heating systems, tenant heat meter services, harvested grey water systems, home energy control systems, building zone applications and heating metering systems.

Equivalent To

89321c0232, 89321c0252
AVS AB, KLD20S-BD3-1/2"-SS-24vDC, KLD20S-BD3-1/2"-SS-230V
15mm motorised valve
IMI, 8288200.9638

User Reviews

Lucy on Mar 7, 2020

Thank you very much for your help. Our engineer installed these some weeks ago now AND they are still working perfectly whereas those other cheaper ones I purchased only lasted 2 hours >>>OMG. Anyway all fixed now, boss is happy again. Thanks again for your help, much appreciated. Lucy.

Bob on Jun 14, 2018

Hi Matt, I would just like to thank you for your excellent customer service and the quality of the Actuated Ball Valve delivered at 12:05 today. I am impressed with the quality of the valve based upon my 30 years in the pumps and valve industry for sanitary products which I have now tested and am really pleased with the product. Sincerely Bob

José Carlos on May 10, 2018

Excellent product, well made, quick delivery and works perfectly. I did think these were going to be cheap and not any good as they are less than half the price of the JJ ones I buy, but I am proven wrong. Excellent. In fact you might sell more if they were more expensive (only to others though). Thanks I'll be back for more for sure. I'll open the credit account you offered too as I am told I only need to send an official purchase order to do this. Wish other suppliers were as easy to deal with. PS Thanks for the catalogue too.

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