11/2 BSP Electrically actuated stainless 2 way ball valve ABV14S

Brand: Connexion

Model: ABV14S

Width 88.00
Height 148.00
Length 102.00

£165.60 £276.00
Price Ex Vat: £138.00

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11/2 BSP Electric motor actuated stainless steel 2 way ball valve fitted with an IP67 22 watt 15 second actuator, Control options: 3 wire control (Power Open - Power Close) OR Failsafe closed (Power ON Open - Power OFF Closed) OR failsafe open (Power Closed - Power OFF Open), Voltages 9 to 24vAC or DC OR 110 to 240vAC 50/60Hz. Ball valve: 2 way 304 stainless steel full flow 2 piece Pressure 0to 10 Bar Temperature rating 0 to +100C Max, Seals PTFE, The ABV14S is suitable for air, water, oil, vacuum and most gases and fluids compatible with stainless steel and PTFE.
Failsafe Closed - 9 to 24vAC or DC and 110 to 240vAC Power to Open, failsafe Closed on reserve power.
Failsafe Open - 9 to 24vAC or DC and 110 to 240vAC Power to Close, failsafe Open on reserve power.
3 Wire Control - 9 to 24v AC or DC and 110 to 240vAC, Connect Red +ve and Black -ve, Green is the control wire to open or close the valve.
E2 Position Feed back Switches - Volt free fully Open and Fully Closed position switch for remote Open+Closed signal confirmation available for all failsafe open or closed motorised ball valves and 3 wire control 110 to 230vAC.

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User Reviews

Albert L on May 10, 2018

I was actually quite surprised, these are cheap and I expected crap to be honest, but they are far better than expected and in fact I have been running the original one 24/7 for several months now and it is still working perfectly. I can see that the technology of the motor, circuitry and general build quality far exceeded my expectations. I would even be bold enough to suggest that the price is too low for the quality of the valve supplied and customers may feel wary as I did.

Giga on Mar 17, 2018

Fantastic valve and quite a good company too. REally like the valve, far better than expected works better than the £800 one I bought elsewwhere. Mind you the staff were not as clued up on the specifications but I will accept that this is a new product. Product A++ Staff B-

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