UPVC motor actuated ball valves failsafe + standard ABVP

Brand: Connexion

Model: ABVP

Width 68.00
Height 192.00
Length 155.00

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1/2 to 2 inch motor actuated UPVC ball valve ABVP.
Cycle life: 50,000 open/close
Power: 22 Watts when moving
Open or close time: 15 seconds
Protection: IP67
Temperature: -15°C to +50°C ambient
Voltage: 9 to 24 volt AC/DC or 110 to 240 volt AC with multi voltage technology.
Control option: Failsafe closed, Failsafe Open or Power Open/Power Close.
Includes: visual position indication and E2 volt free position open and closed feed back switches.

Ball valve: Double Union Ended
1/2, 3/4, 1, 11/4, 11/2 or 2 BSP thread, option NPT thread, imperial and metric solvent ends.
Bore: 15 to 50mm according to port size
Body: UPVC
Pressure: 0 to 12 Bar
Temperature rating +2°C to +90°C Max
Seals: PTFE with EPDM, option PTFE + FKM
Media: air, water, oil, acids and alkali's compatible with the materials of construction.

Options to choose:
Failsafe Closed = Power ON will open - Power OFF will automatically close with reserve power.
Failsafe Open = Power ON will Close, Power OFF will automatically Open with reserve power.
Failsafe actuators require initial 30 second power ON when new to charge reserve power, thereafter a minimum 10 Seconds.
Will draw less than 1 Watt when powered and not moving.
3 Wire Control = Connect Red +ve and Black -ve, Green is the control wire.
Power to GREEN valve opens or power off GREEN valve closes.
Voltage: 9 to 24 volt AC/DC OR 110 to 240 volt AC 50/60Hz with multi voltage technology.

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Spencer on May 23, 2020

Thank you for your help, arrived quickly, works a treat, Excellent A++++++.

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