1/8 5/2 Solenoid air valve double acting 18mm wide AM520D

Brand: Shako Co Ltd

Model: AM520D

Width 18.00
Height 34.50
Length 138.00

£60.71 £90.60
Price Ex Vat: £50.59

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Shako AM520-01D 1/8" BSP or NPT miniature 5/2 way Normally Closed Double Acting Solenoid Valve Pressure 1.5 to 8 Bar tested to 10 bar 18mm width with 11.0mm2 orifice for high flow. The AM0501D 5/2 Pneumatic Solenoid Valve has manual over ride as standard and comes with a choice of flying lead coil or DIN43650B coil.

Equivalent To

Airsky, 4V220-06
Airtac, 4V12006, 4V120-06, 4V120 06
Camozzi, 358-011-02, 358 011 02
EMC, n1r252-06, n2r252-06
LUCIFER 347 L 9101
SNS 4V120-06
Tidyco, 2038-7650
Univer AC-7520
Mindman, mvsc1-180-4e2

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