1/2 WRAS Solenoid Valve 0-7 Bar 2/2 N/Closed Brass PU220D-04

Brand: Shako Co Ltd

Model: PU220D-04

Width 48.00
Height 101.00
Length 66.50

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1/2 BSP WRAS approved Brass water solenoid valve PU220D-04.
Function: 2/2 way normally closed with anti water hammer design.
Pressure: 0 to 7 Bar (AC voltage) or 0 to 6 Bar (DC Voltage) with 15 Watt Coil.
Pressure: 0 to 10 Bar with 18.5 watt Coil.
Operation: Assisted Lift (Zero Rated)
Seals: EPDM WRAS Approved.
Orifice: 13.0mm
Kv flow factor: 59L/Min based on water with a 1 bar pressure difference.
Coil: Nass Magnet Class H IP65 CE DIN43650A 100% duty rated
Protection: IP65 with electrical connector (Included).
Voltages: 12vdc, 24vdc, 48vdc, 110vdc, 220vdc or 12vac, 24vac, 48vac, 110vac, 220vac, 240vac or 380vac 50/60hz.

WRAS Certificate Number 1704353, tested and approved until April 2022. Test procedure 200,000 open and close cycles at 7 Bar +90ºC hot and 25ºC cold water, then a final 10.5 Bar pressure leak and function test.

Equivalent To

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