Electronic air pressure regulator 0.005-0.9MPa Shako iRP2

Brand: Shako Co Ltd

Model: iRP2

Width 50.50
Height 144.00
Length 50.50

£420.70 £721.60
Price Ex Vat: £350.58

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Proportional electro pneumatic air pressure regulator Shako iRP2

Port sizes: 1/8, 1/4 or 3/8 BSP or NPT thread
Pressure: 0.005 to 0.1 MPa, 0.005 to 0.5MPA or 0.005 to 0.9 MPa
Minimum air supply: Setting pressure + 0.1 MPa
Maximum air supply: 1.0 MPa
Minimum output: 0.001 MPa
Input voltage: 10 to 32vDC
Input signal: 0 to 5 vDC or 0 to 10vDC
Output signal: without or with Analogue 1 to 5 vDC or 0 to 10 vDC
Display: LED 3 digit outlet pressure display
Body: Aluminium alloy
Ambient Temperature: 0 to +50C
Protection: IP65
Insulation class: F

Accuracy: linearity: +/- 1.0% F.S, Repeatability: +/- 0.5% F.S., Hysteresis 0.5% F.S.
Sensitivity: below 0.2% F.S.
Supplied with 4 PIN cable.

High accuracy, Stability and consistence of outlet pressure.
Near zero air consumption at set pressure
Pressure can be set without supply pressure

The Shako iRP2 series high precision electronic pressure regulator allows for proportional control of the outlet air pressure by electrical input. Increasing the input signal inturn increases the internal pilot pressure over the main controlling diaphragm between the inlet and outlet ports. The outlet pressure will rise until the pressure sensor feedback reaches the proportional input signal.

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