Digital Pressure Switch High Precision, G1/8 Vacuum to 10 Bar with PNP + 4-20mA output

Brand: Connexion

Model: DPS-210GB-NS

Width 30.00
Height 30.00
Length 43.00

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Digital Pressure Switch PNP with anlogue output

Presssure range: -100kPa vacuum to +1.0 MPa (-1 to +10 Bar)
Output: 4 to 20 mAmp + PNP (other options available)
Port: 1/8 BSP Male with M5 internal thread (Options NPT or Rc thread)
Display: Double LCD, 4 digit value, units and output status with adjustable backlight, 4 groups of display modes.
Temperature: 0 to +50°C Working, Storage -20°C to +60°C Max
Media: Fluid, air, non corrosive and non flammable gas and fluids.
Accuracy: +/- 2% F.S. (at Ambient Temp +25°C)
Accurancy: +/- 3% F.S. (Temperature 0 to +50°C)
Measurement pattern: Hystersis mode
Input Power: 12 to 24v DC (+/- 10%)
Power Consumption: 40mA Max (Non Load)
Output current: 80mA Max,
Voltage drop: <=1 Volt
Load resistance <= 400 Ohm

Response time (mSecs): Adjustable 2.5, 50, 100, 500, 1000 or 2000.
Short Circuit protection: Yes
IP rating: IP40

Humidity: 35% to 80% Relative Humidity
Insulation: 1000vAC 1 Minute
Insulation Resistance: >= 50 M Ohm (500vDC)
Shock: Max 100m/s, 3 times in 6 directions of X, Y and Z
Vibration: Amplitude 1.5mm, 10Hz to 500 Hz, 2 hours each direction X, Y and Z.

Supplied complete with Panel Mount Adaptor + Shield, L + S type brackets + screws and 2mtr Cable + Plug.

NPN output known as “sinking” output will connect the output to the negative supply.
PNP “sourcing” output will connect the output to the positive supply. N = Negative P= Positive

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