Best Price

Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee to at least match the best UK competitor price for ANY like for like product on our store.

Being one of the UK's largest importers and wholesalers of solenoid valves, we have the purchasing power to supply quality solenoid valves competitively.

Email us if you need or found a better price elsewhere

Competitors Who Do Not Advertise Their Prices

It's a mystery why some companies do not publicise the cost of the items they are selling!

Unlike many of our competitors we advertise the manufacturers recommended price of every product we sell, so it is likely that you may only get prices from our competitors once you have contacted them. If this is the case simply ask them to confirm their best price in an e-mail to you, send us a copy of the e-mail and we guarantee to at least match or better the price. If sending us a copy of the e-mail or telling us their best price is an issue due to our competitors terms then please contact our technical sales team for assistance.

Like most Wholesalers and Retails we offer a discount for OEM and Trade customers.

Like most we can offer a set discount structures for customers who were buying from competitors on a regular basis ( Credit Account Customers ) and these discounts can be increased or spread across other products over time according to sales history.

Price Increases 2021

We make every effort to maintain our list prices however over the last few months we have received numerous price increases from suppliers, and we are again being advised of further increases to their pricing due to rising raw material costs.  In addition to these we have seen significant increases to our freight costs. Regrettably we must pass on a portion of these increases. 

Whilst we have taken every effort to keep any increases to a minimum our list prices will have to be increased accordingly and any special prices will also reflect this increase.  Additionally, we have recently received significant surcharges on Brass, Stainless Steel, Electronics and Polyurethane hose and due to these raw material increases, but we are told this may fluctuate.  This will be treated separately and whilst we will again try and keep any increases to a minimum, our prices will be updated accordingly.

All orders received before prices changes will remain valid.