Solenoid Valve Fault Diagnosis

In the unlikely situation you find your solenoid valve not working correctly please use the title link above to view our Solenoid Valve Fault Diagnosis page in which you can  see the most common reasons for solenoid valves not working incorrectly. 

BSP and NPT Thread Sizes

View actual BSP thread sizes and valves with that sizes thread or flange

Flange size tables

Sizes and other information for PN16, PN40, ANSI and JIS10K flanges.

Find valves according to port size

Search for valves according to thread or flange size.

Chemical Compatibility Guides

Information on chemical compatibility for different chemicals and materials of construction. 

Selection Guide

Please click the title link above to view our full valve wizard selection guide.   

Brass, Stainless Steel or Plastic Valves

Select valves according to Body Material, Brass, Stainless steel or Plastic.

Valves suitable for specific media

select valves according to air or inert gases, water, drinking / potable water, fuels, steam, natural gas, light oil, vacuum, slightly aggressive or very corrosive media, including valves for thick liquids and cryogenic fluids.

Solenoid Valve Function

2/2 way, 3/2 way normally closed or normally open, 5/2 and single and double acting or 5/3 way explained.

Select valves according to function

Find 2/2 way normally closed, normally open, 3/2 way normally closed, normally open and universal, 5/2 way single acting, 5/2 way double acting and 5/3 way valves.

Solenoid Coil Selection

Find solenoid valve coils according to bore size, width, length and voltage including ATEX coils

Valve Terminology

The world of solenoid valves has developed its own abbreviations and terminology to deal with an ever increasing variety of functionality, layout, design and applied standards. View an extensive range of valve terminology by using the title link.

Steam Pressure to Temperature chart.

Steam temperature is directly related to pressure, click link above for for steam pressure to temperature table.

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Hydrostatic water pressure.

Use title link above to calculate the pressure of water according to height.


View our UK and Worldwide fast track delivery options in link above.

How to wire a DIN connector

Instructions on how to wire an electrical solenoid valve or standard industrial DIN connector.

How to change a solenoid valve armature assembly.

Instructions on the correct way to remove or install a solenoid valve armature or tube assembly.

Cv flow rates for Ball Valves

Cv flow coefficients for typical ball valves according to size and pressure rating.

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