3/4 90 degree single Solenoid Valve 0.2-10 Bar N/Closed S90

Brand: RPE srl

Model: S90

Width 38.50
Height 61.00
Length 61.50

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Price Ex Vat: £7.96

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3/4 plastic water washing machine inlet single solenoid valve S90
Function: 2/2 way normally closed
Operation: Pressure assisted (Min 0.2 Bar pressure differential)
Port: 3/4 BSP Male inlet with 90 degree (right angle) single 104F 10.5mm or 120F 12.5mm hose tail outlet.
Pressure: 0.2 to 10 Bar
Orifice: 11.0mm
Body: Nylon white good grade GF
Coil: R 6.2 Watts IP00 with faston tag Class F 60% duty rated (Max 2 Min power ON with 3 min power OFF for cooling)
Voltage: 12vDC, 24vDC, 12vAC, 24vAC, 110vAC or 230vAC
Approvals: WRAS, EN55014ED.1993, EN50730-2-8-1 Edition 1995

This is a very common RPE type R cold Water inlet Solenoid Valve for most domestic and commercial washing machine, dishwasher, drinking water dispensers and most other automated water control systems. Standard 3/4 BSP appliance hose fits directly onto the 3/4 BSP male thread.

Equivalent To

Aristarco Ecostar dishwasher Al50.34, 38.25, AL1500E, AL50.34E, AL55.45E, AP1000, AP45.30, AP50.32, Euro350, Euro400, GL1240, GL7.40E, Passport1040, Passport50.32
Aristarco Part Number 0394
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Bosch dishwasher: SGD85E02AU/30, SGI3002GB/09, SGI30E05EU/16, SGI33E35EU/28, SGD85E02AU/76, SGI3002GB/10, SGI33E05TR/05, SGI33E35EU/29, SGI3000GB/01, SGI3005GB/01, SGI33E05TR/09, SGI33E35EU/31, SGI3000GB/07, SGI3005GB/02, SGI33E05TR/10, SGI33E35EU/33, SGI3000GB/08, SGI3006GB/01, SGI33E25AU/21, SGI33E35EU/36, SGI3000GB/09, SGI3006GB/02, SGI33E25AU/22, SGI33E45EU/02, SGI3000GB/10, SGI30A02GB/01, SGI33E25AU/23, SGI33E45EU/03, SGI3002GB/01, SGI30A05GB/01, SGI33E35EU/22, SGI33E45EU/04, SGI3002GB/07, SGI30A06GB/01, SGI33E35EU/23, SGI33E45EU/05, SGI3002GB/08, SGI30E05EU/07, SGI33E35EU/26, SGI33E45EU/09, SGI43A25AU/32, SGI43A75GB/08, SGI45E15EU/86, SGS2009/13, SGI43A25AU/43, SGI43A76GB/01, SGI45E15EU/90, SGS2009/14, SGI43A25AU/49, SGI43A76GB/07, SGI45E15EU/93, SGS2009/15, SGI43A25AU/56, SGI43A76GB/08, SGI56E35EU/01, SGS2009/31, SGI43A25AU/70, SGI43E25AU/02, SGI56E35EU/86, SGS2019/12, SGI43A72GB/01, SGI43E25AU/03, SGI56E35EU/90, SGS2019/13, SGI43A72GB/07, SGI43E25AU/04, SGS09L08GB/20, 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31001042, 31001070, 31000087, 31000636, 31000886, 31001003, 31001039, 31001062, 31000049, 31000235, 31000161, 31000216, 31111628, 31111644, 31123466, 31123540, 31123565, 31000035, 31000036, 31000037, 31000038, 31000103, 31000151, 31000215, 31000385, 31000573, 31000593, 31000738, 31000836, 31111651, 31112014, 31113624, 31123631, 31132129, 31000277, 31000377, 31000413, 31000551, 31000808, 31000060, 31000142, 31000145, 31000230, 31000713, 31000568, 31000282, 31800007, 31800008, 31800013, 31800016, 31800021, 31038011, 31038136,LBH160EUK, LBACS160NL, LBH160 I UK, LBACS160DE, LBHF160E UK, LB H160 E DE, LB H160 E CE, LBACM15UK, LBHQ150UKCIH, LB H160 I NE, LB H140 E NE, LB ACM 16 UK, LBEL160UKCMT, LB HC150 MUK, LBHCP160 EUK, LB HPM 150, LBHFM160 EUK, LB HC145 MUK, LB HZ6 16 I, LBACS160P DE, LBACS160P SY, LBHFM150 MUK, LBHC6 145MUK, LBHC6 150MUK, LBHC6160EUK, LB SE 160 E, LBHF7 16 EDE, LBHP 16 E DE, LBHF7 16 ICE, LBASM160UK, HNL3166Z-80, HNL3156-80, WA1610-83S, HNL6166-84, HNL9166-83M, HNL6166S-83M, HNL9166-86S, SE264-80, HNL6166-86S, CM2 156-47, HSP15-80, HNL6156S-80, HNL6166-80, CM2166-14, CM2166-80, HNL9166Z-84, HNL9166Z-83M, HP16-80, LBACTSM15DEN, LB LP2 1000, LBCBD100.6IT, LB AQCE101UK, LBSPR100TRUK, LBCB1043TRME, LBSPR100TRUK, LB AM100 LEB, LB HPM 110, LB HC110 MUK, LB HZ6 11 I, LB HP6 110 M, HP11-80, LBSPR110TRUK, LB ACM 11 01, LB HF110M UK, LB H110 M UK, LBH130MUKCMT, LBHF130EUK, LBH130EUK, LBACS130CESY, LB H130 E DE, LB PE 235, LBMAF1200AAW, LBHQ130UKCIH, LBHMC131UKC, LB CA 232 UK, LB CA 233 UK, LBHFM130 MUK, LB HPM 120, LB HPM 130, LB HC120 MUK, LB HC130 MUK, LB HSE 120UK, LBHC6 120MUK, LBHC6 130MUK, LB HP6 120M, LB HP6 130 M, LB HP6 150 M, LBHP 13 ECE, LBHP 13 EDE, HNL2136-80, HNL2126S-80, HNL2126-80, HNL2136S-80, HSE130M-80, HLN6212-80, CN136T-80, AQ130/1T-80, CN126T-80, CNV 256-80, LB PE 235, HNL2126-80, HNL9136-80, SE234-80, PPA136S-80, PPA136-80, HP13-80, HNL6126-80, HNL6136S-80, CM2136-14, CM1126-80, CM2136-80, HP12J-80, LBACTSM13 UK, LB ACT.S12UK, LB CB1213TRE, LBAUSE12TRUK, LBAUS130TRUK, LB AMC121 01, LBAUSE13TRUK, LB SE 230 01, LB CA 231 03, LB AI 120 PL, LB ACS130 UK, LB H 120 MUK, LBH140EUK, LB H140 E PL, LB HSE 140UK, LBHF7 14 IDE, HNL3146-80, HNL3146S-80, HNL6146-84, HNL6146-83M, PPA146-80, HNL6146-86S, HNL6146-80, HNL9146Z-80, CM2146-14, CM2146-80, HP14-80, HP14J-80, LBACTSM14DEN, LB FAM 60, LB K 66T-04S, LB H70 M6 SY, LB CBL75.6SY, LB H 80 E PL, LB OH 83 M6, LBCBD85P IT, HNL6856Z-30, HNL6856-30, LBHF7 16 IFR, LBHF7 150MUK, LBHF7 160EUK, LBHF7 16 INL, LBHF7 16ENL, HNF2137S-80, HNF3157-80, HNF3167-80, HNF3167S-80, HNF6167Z-30, OHNF9167-37, HNF9167-84, HNF9167-83M, HNF9167-16S, H167-47, HNF9167-86S, HFN7613-80, PFA167-80, HNF6157S-80, HNF6167-80, LBHSWF167-80, OH 100 M7 V, LB SUPER7/1, LBAL7 100 SY, LBHZ710MULTI, OHNF6117-37, OHFN7116-37, OHFN4117-37, LBHF130E CE, LBHF7 12 EFR, LBMAF1300AAW, LBHF7 130MUK, HNF2137-80, HNF2127-80, HNF6137-30, OHNF9127-37, HNF6127-37S, HNF6137-16S, HNF6137-88M, HFN7313-80, MAF1375AAW, MAF1275AAW, PFA137-80, HNF6127-80, HNF6137S-80, HNF6127-47, HNF6127-14, LBHNF6127-30, LBHF7 14 IFR, HNF3147-80, HNF6147-80, H147-47, HNF6147-14, LBHSWF147-80, KIT LADY 623, KIT PAK 606T, LB CN105 TUK, LB CN100T UK, LB AV 100AC, LB CE 104/1, LB AQ100TRUK, LBAQC101TRUK, LBAQC102TRUK, LB AQ110TUK, LB AQ120TUK, LB AQ130TUK, LB DBQ 131, LBCBE1225TUK, LB CNE 128 T, LB CN 450 UK, LB AQ125TUK, LBCBE130TV47, LBCBD130-16S, CBD125-14, CNA135-80, LB CE 124/1, LB CE 450, LB CE 124 UK, LBDQ130TRUK, LB ILF1259DE, LB CBL 140UK, LBAQ141 TUK, LBCNE148T SY, LB WA 1410AA, CBD145-01S, LB EH 55 A, LB CN 50 T, LB CN 55 AT, LB CN54.1T/D, H60AT-30, LBCNE88TV-47, LB CNE 85 TS, LB CIN100TUK, LB CIN 100 T, LB LI2 1000, LB RILL 120, LBHWM120TS80, LBICL100TRHC, LBRILL100H/C, CIN100T, CL2127, HNL9146Z, CNA135, HNL2126, CNV256, CN126T, AQ130/1, CN136T, CN136T
Hoshizaki ice machine IM240DME, Hoshizaki Water Inlet Solenoid Valve - 452498-01
Hotpoint dishwasher: BF71, DF61N, DF61P, DF61X, DF62H, DF62N, DF62P, DF62S, DF62T, DF62U, DF62X, DWF30N/1, DWF30N/2, DWF30P/1, DWF30P/2, DWF30S/1, DWF30S/2, DWF31N, DWF31P, DWF31S, DWF32N, DWF32P, DWF32S, DWF33N, DWF33P, DWF33S, DWF34N, DWF34P, DWF34S, DWF35N, DWF35P, DWF35S, DWF60N, DWF60P, DWF60S, DWF60YS, DWF61N, DWF61P, DWF61S, DWF61YS, DWM37A
Hygena dishwasher: ADP8342, ADP8352
Instanta water boiler 1500, 1500LCD, 3000
lamona solenoid valve, hja 8640
Maidaid Ice machine M34-36, SL70
Manitowoc Ice machine ECS023AG, EC18, EC20, EC30, ECS041AGZ
Marco water boiler EZT105
Masterwash water filling solenoid valve models 143319999, ATA V45, V25DP, V45, V45DP
Meiko ES545D, ES455 dishwasher glass washer
Neff dishwasher: S4430B0GB/01, S4430N2GB/01, S4430W1GB/02, S4443S7GB/07, S4430B0GB/07, S4430S0GB/01, S4430W2GB/01, S4443S7GB/08, S4430B0GB/08, S4430S0GB/02, S4443B7GB/01, S4443W7GB/01, S4430B0GB/09, S4430S2GB/01, S4443B7GB/07, S4443W7GB/07, S4430B1GB/01, S4430W0GB/01, S4443B7GB/08, S4443W7GB/08, S4430B1GB/02, S4430W0GB/07, S4443N7GB/01, S5444X0GB/01, S4430B2GB/01, S4430W0GB/08, S4443N7GB/07, S5444X0GB/08, S4430N0GB/01, S4430W0GB/09, S4443N7GB/08, S5453X1GB/73, S4430N0GB/02, S4430W1GB/01, S4443S7GB/01, S5555X0GB/70
Nuove SL140-4, Brema CB249, Masterfrost Ice Machines C600, CB249
Omniwash Code OIK01212; Kastel Part Number K01212, Omniwash Code OIK01213; Kastel Part Number K01213, Omniwash Code OIK01214; Kastel Part Number K01214, Omniwash Part Number WIP28224. Whirlpool Factory Part Number 481928128224, Omniwash Part Number WIP28225. Whirlpool Factory Part Number 481928128225, WIP28224-3, WIP28224-10, WIP28225-3,
Parry Ice Machine PIM29, PIM43, PIM53, PIM68, PIM68A, IF26, IF29, G1000, C80, IMF28, CB840, VB250, PIM20
Prodis dishwasher E80
Project dishwasher water inlet valve model S40, E80, S35UK
Robert Shaw 3120624, 3120622, 12602630
Siemens dishwasher: SE24030GB/17, SE24201GB/14, SE25235GB/17, SE25M276GB/01, SE24030GB/19, SE24207GB/01, SE25530GB/07, SE25M851GB/73, SE24031GB/22, SE24207GB/04, SE25530GB/11, SE26230GB/04, SE24200GB/20, SE24237GB/01, SE25530GB/13, SE53200GB/08, SE24201GB/01, SE24630GB/12, SE25800GB/12, SE53400GB/08, SE24201GB/07, SE24M851GB/01, SE25800GB/13, SE64A631GB/01, SE24201GB/12, SE24M851GB/82, SE25M275GB/17, SE64A631GB/11, SE24201GB/13, SE24M851GB/90
Smeg dishwasher: 1LE452IT, 1LF452, 1LF453IT, di612c, 1VD450P, 1VE451P/1, 1VF451, 1VF453I, 1VF453IN, 1VF453IT, 1VF453P, 1VF453PN, 1VF453X, 1VFE451, 1VFE453, 1VFP453I, 1VFU453IT, 2VE451P, 45.1, 450CDW, 45-2, A145B.1, A4530BA, A4530TA, A76/2, A76AUS, ADG150/3AV, ADG150/3IN, ADG150/3SW, ADG150/3WS, ADG151/2, ADG151/3, ADG4550IX, ADG4550NB, ADG4550WH, ADG637IX, ADG637WH, ADG657IX, ADG6582IX, ADG758, ADP537EE, ADP537IT, ADP557WH, ADP558/1WH, ADP8902, ADP8912, AKV945-2, AP410, APK450, AS320, BDE7045, BDW045, BDW6020, BL952, BLV45, C452, C453, C456, C457, CW445, CW448, D452I, DF410B, DF410BA, DF410S1, DF410SDX, DF410SDX7, DF410W, DF410W1, DFC410BK, DFSN45, DI409C, DI409CA, DI410C, DI451, DI451.1, DI452, DI453, DIC4, DVY400BE1, DVY400WE1, DW450E-1, DW645S, DW745L, DWB45FI, DWC45SI, DWF409BL, DWF409SS, DWF409WH, DWF41WH.1, DWI409C, DWI45.1, DWI450, DWM454, DX645S, FD450/1, FDF450/1, GI51020E, GI51020W, GSD541BS, GSD541BS1, GSD541WS, GSD541WS1, GSGP49-5E, GSI541AL, GSI541AL4, GSI541B., GSI541B-4, GSI541BS, GSI541BS1, GSI541E.1, GSI541E-3, GSI541E-4, GSI541S., GSI541S-4, GSI541W., GSI541W-4, GSI541WS, GSI541WS1, GSU551., GSU551-1, GSU551-4, GSU551S, GV51020, GV51021, IG40521B2, IG40521W1, IG40521W2, IG40521X2, KGI400E, KS45.1, KS45-2, KS45-3T, KVI524, LE-452IT, LE-452P, LF-452, LF-453IT, LFU-453IT, LLI4556, LP470.5W, LP6470W, LP7470, LS9219-1, LS9239A-1, LSA451B, LSA453B, LSA4549B, LSA4549G, LSA4549X, LSA4551B, LSA4551G, LSA4552B, LSA4647G, LSA4647X, LSA4647X7, LSA4649B, LSA4650B, LSA4745B, LSA4745X, LSA4845B, LSA4845G, LSA4845X, LSG45/1, LST4550I, LST4552, LT45, LV2405, LVF9B.1, LVOH145, LVOH147, LVS4109B, LVS452B, LVS452B1, LVS452X, LVS452X1, LVS454B, LVS454B1, LVS454X, LVS454X1, LVS456B, PL1107EB, PL1107EB1, PL1107NE, PL1107NE1, PL1107X, PL1107X1, PL1107X7, PL4107NE1, PL4107X, PL45XME, PL941.1, PL941EB.1, PL942.1, PL942EB.1, PL945W.1, PL945X.1, PL945X-2, PL945X-3, PL95EB, PL95NE, PLA4550B, PLA4550N, PLA4550X, PLA4648B, PLA4648N, PLA4648X, PLA4648X7, PLA4745B, PLA4745N, PLA4745X, ROMAN45IT, S-45E5R, S45E5R., S-45E5W, S45E5W., SA4510X, SA945W.1, SA945W-2, SA945W-3, SA945X.1, SA945X-2, SA945X-3, SA945X7, SD945P/2, SD946P, SD947P, SG40521W1, SNZ414IS, SNZ414S, SNZ442S, ST1105, ST1107, ST1107S, ST4105, ST4106, ST4107, ST945E.1, ST95-1, STA445, STA4550, STA4552, STA4648, STA4648A, STA4745, STA4845, STA4846, STA945.1, STA945-2, STA945-3, STB453, TDW45.2S, TDW45/2S, TDW45/2W, TDW45-2S, TDW45-2W, UPOD450, UPOD452, V45IT, VD450P/1, VF451/1, VF453I/1, VF453IN/1, VF453IT/1, VF453P/1, VF453PN/1, VFE451/1, VFE453/1, VFP453I/1, VFU453IT1, VY450BE1, VY450JE1, VY450XE1, WC420, WC460IN, WF450, WT1105, WT95-1, ZB296, ZB296XL, ZB396XL, ZB9.6/1, ZB9.6/1LX, ZBI-453IT, ZW295, ZW395, ZWS2454, ZZS2404R, ZZS2404W, ZZS455H, ZZS455W and 01.100720, 01.300720, 01.900720, 02.100720, 02.300720, 02.900720, 164X, 351IP, 3LBA500, 3LBS850, 3LBSA860, 3LNS840, 4040.0, 4040.2, 4046.4, 460F, 460N, 4LB490, 4LB550, 600CDW, 760BN, 770BN, 860N, 892N, 9FAPOB, ADG3540, ADG3550, ADW759FI1, ADW759FI2, ALV430, AP57, APA113, APA6148N, APA6148X, AQUILLA, BDW7060, BE600, BE600.1, BF11B, BF11P, BWHM010W, CA01-3, CA01-4, CA01-5, CA01S, CL5, CLDWBRIO, D7049, D7078, D7080, D7082, DD612SCA, DD612SCA7, DDW103, DEFYSP, DF612BL, DF612FAS, DF612SDX7, DF612WD, DF612WE, DF614BE, DF614FAS, DF614FAS7, DFC612BK, DFC612S, DI103, DI410, DI612CA, DI612CAH, DI612DA, DS400, DW124, DW126, DW127.1, DW128, DW128CKD, DW129.1, DW1906, DW2006W, DW2006X7, DW5012, DW606001, DW612AS2A, DW612AS3A, DW612HL3A, DW755S, DW759FI1, DW759FI2, DW759FI3, DW759S, DW760B, DW760B1, DW760FIA1, DW760S, DW760S1, DW760SA, DW760SK, DW760W, DW855T, DW900, DWA60FI, DWD60SI, DWE16000, DWHM00W, DWHM40W, DWI600, DWI60BN, DWI60NX, DWI60WN, DWT60, DWT60N, ELV12, ELV451I, ELV471, ELV472B, ELVI451F, ELVI461B, ELVI461I, ELVI461N, FDS55MS, FL882EC, FL982, FL982EB, FLVI124N, FLVI124W, FPL882, FRIGO4000, GES3854W, GES3854W1, GI61020, GI61020E, GI61020W, GM214-110, GM214-120, GM214-160, GM216-160, GM217-160, GM254-110, GM254-120, GM254-160, GS701, GS803I, GS803IB1, GS803IS1, GS803IW, GS803IW1, GSA5060, GSA5060.1, GSA600, GSD242T, GSH242R, GSH242S, GSH942R, GSH942S, GSI204.1B, GSI204.1S, GSI204.1W, GSP170, GSU204B, GSV6111, GVA450S, GVW610, GVW610W, GVW610W.1, GVW610W.2, GVW610Z, GVW610Z.1, GVW610Z.2, GVW611TW, GVW611TZ, GVW615.1W, GVW615.1Z, GVW710W, GVW710Z, GW3000, GW3001, GW3002, GW3003, GW3004, GW3005, GW3006, GW3007, GW3008, GW3010, GW4000, GW4000DS, GW5010, HST60, I603B, I603EBS, I603R, I603S, I604B, I604BA, I604R, I604RA, IDW600, IGE3954B, IGE3954B1, IGE3954W, IGE3954W1, INES1000, INES1500, K22, K22AS, K312C, K412, K412C, K412EB, K412I, K700, K835, KD312, KD312AEX, KD312EB, KD312HB, KD312K, KENNY072A, KEX705, KGI610E, KGI610S, KGI610W, KIS710, KLS51B, KLS51S, KLS57B, KN715, KS720, KS770, KSA730, KSA740, KSA750, L12, L30S, L312C, L312CS, L312EBS, L312RSA, L312T, L312TEB, L412, L412C, L412CS, L412EB, L412EBS, L412EBSA, L412I, L412T, L412TEB, L412TEBS, L412TEBTW, L412TS, L415, L415I, L41EB, L41EBS, L5, L5.0, LB30M, LB5, LB5000, LB51, LB51.1, LB5K, LBA501, LBS50M, LBS851, LBS932, LBS980, LBSA60, LBSA60M, LBSA60ME, LBST70, LBST70M, LC10M, LC94, LC94.1, LCS40M, LD312, LD312EB, LD470EB, LD50EB, LL4900, LLI6057, LOX922, LP412EB, LP7740, LP7770, LP7790, LP77901, LP7790A, LS104, LS201, LSA1257BE, LSA1257LB, LSA490E, LSA6147B, LSA6147X, LSA6147X7, LSA6148B, LSA614G, LSA614X7, LSA6150B, LSA6246B, LSA6246G, LSA6246X, LSA6248B, LSA6248G, LSE490, LSE490E, LSE490E.1, LSE490K, LSE490KV, LSE501, LSE922X, LSE942NW, LSE952AB, LSE952B, LSI60BN, LSI60NX, LSI60WN, LSP60BN, LSP60NX, LSP60WN, LSPX1253, LST60N, LV10.1A, LV10.1E, LV10A, LV10E, LV10H, LV312, LV512, LV601, LV6012, LV604, LV605, LV621, LVF610B, LVF612X, LVF612X7, LVF613G, LVF613X, LVF649B, LVF651B, LVI128B, LVI128M, LVIN12, LVS1255B, LVS1255B1, LVS1255S, LVS1255S1, LVS1256B, LVS1256S, LVS1257B, LVS1257B1, LVS1257S, LVS1257S1, LVS1453B, LVW1257, LVX1000BL, LVX1000BR, LVX1255, LW-120FL, LX1253, MKI, MKI/1, MKI/2, MKIII, MKIII/2, MP5, N900E, N900EB, N901EC, ND3300WI, NZL312EB, NZL40, NZL412SEB, NZL750, NZL850, OP41, OP51, OSBYKARAT, PENGUIN, PK312, PK312EB, PK312EBS, PK312S, PK312X, PK322, PK322EB, PK322EBS, PK322S, PK421, PK4210, PK4210EB, PK421EB, PK422, PK422EB, PKE312, PKE312EB, PL112, PL1123X7, PL112EB, PL112SP, PL112SPEB, PL113EB, PL113NE, PL113X, PL1144X7, PL2006X, PL212EBSO, PL212SO, PL222, PL222EB, PL225, PL225EB, PL225EN, PL312, PL312EB, PL312EBS, PL312EBSA, PL312S, PL312SA, PL312X, PL322, PL322EB, PL322EBS, PL322S, PL421, PL4210, PL4210EB, PL421EB, PL422, PL422EB, PL60XME1, PL648GSA, PL700KX1, PL8210X, PL8605X, PL8605X7, PL8605XT7, PLA6147B, PLA6147N, PLA6147X, PLA6147X7, PLA6148B, PLA6148G, PLA6148N, PLA6148X, PLA6148X7, PLA6246B, PLA6246N, PLA6246X, PLA6248B, PLA6248N, PLA6248X, PLA6248X7, PLA6348B, PLA6348N, PLA6348X, PLE312, PLE312EB, PLE322, ROSEN60L1, S300A, S603B, S603EBS, S603R, S604B, S604BA, S604R, S604RA, SA683X-1, SA683X-2, SA750B, SA750W, SA8200X, SA8210W, SA8210X, SA850, SA8605W, SA8605WTD, 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CL5, CL6S, CL6S.1, CL6W, CL6W.1, CLDWBRIO, D7049, D7078, D7080, D7082, DD612SCA, DDW103, DDW104, DEFYSP, DF614BE, DF614FAS, DGS60W, DI103, DI410, DI612CA, DI612CAH, DI65, DI6012, DI65.1, DIPLTWIST, DIPTWIST1, DISH121, DS400, DT60, DW124, DW126, DW127.1, DW128, DW128CKD, DW129.1, DW1295, DW129CKD, DW1906, DW1906E, DW2000EB, DW2000X, DW2002EB, DW2002X, DW2004EB, DW2004X, DW2006W, DW2200SE, DW312, DW412, DW4P, DW5012, DW612AS2A, DW755S, DW759FI1, DW759FI2, DW759S, DW760B, DW760B1, DW760FIA1, DW760S, DW760S1, DW760SK, DW760W, DW8P, DW900, DWA60FI, DWD60SI, DWE16000, DWHM00W, DWHM40W, DWI600, DWI60B, DWI60BN, DWI60N, DWI60NX, DWI60W, DWI60WN, DWIA60B, DWIA60N, DWIA60W, DWT60, DWT60N, DY5S, EL08007, EL11001, ELV12, ELV471, F0051B1A, FL882EC, FL982, FL982EB, FL992EB, FLVI124N, FLVI124W, FPL882, FRIGO4000, GD204B01, GD204W00, GD204W01, GES3854B, GES3854W, GES3854W1, GI204B01, GI204S01, GI204W00, GI204W01, GI61020, GI61020E, GI61020W, GIV604, GM214-110, GM214-120, GM214-160, GM216-160, GM217-160, GM217160E, GM254-110, GM254-120, GM254-160, GM285-120, GM285-160, GM286-160, GM286160S, GM286-910, GM295-120, GM295-160, GM296110I, GM296120I, GM296-160, GM335-160, GMT286520, GS4007, GS701, GS8007, GS803I, GS803IB1, GS803IS1, GS803IW, GS803IW1, GSA5060, GSA5060.1, GSA5060N, GSA600, GSC60/1, GSD204B, GSD204W, GSD242T, GSD5030WX, GSGP10B, GSGP11S, GSGP15.1W, GSGP15W, GSGP19E, GSH08SRCS, GSH08SRCW, GSH11SRTB, GSH11SRTW, GSH12SRTB, GSH12SRTS, GSH12SRTW, GSH242R, GSH242S, GSH5030WX, GSH6030WX, GSH942R, GSH942S, GSI204.1B, GSI204.1E, GSI204.1S, GSI204.1W, GSI204B, GSI204BP, GSI204E, GSI204EP, GSI204S, GSI204SP, GSI204W, GSI204W0, GSI204WP, GSI308B, GSI308B1, GSI308S1, GSI308W, GSI308W1, GSI408B, GSI408E, GSI408S, GSI408W, GSP170, GSU204.1W, GSU204B, GSU204W, GSX3652, GVA12.2, GVA12.3, GVA450S, GVA512, GVA512.1, GVA550L, GVW610, GVW610W, GVW610W.1, GVW610W.2, GVW610Z, GVW610Z.1, GVW610Z.2, GVW611TW, GVW611TZ, GVW612T.1, GVW615.1W, GVW615.1Z, GVW615W, GVW615Z, GVW620, GVW620.1, GVW660, GVW710W, GVW710Z, GVW755, GW6000, GW6000DS, GW6000DSH, GW6000H, GW6090, GW6090DS, GW6090DSF, HAKA624, HLD312EBS, HLD312S, HPL312EBS, HPL312S, HST60, I603B, I603EBS, I603R, I603S, I604B, I604BA, I604R, I604RA, IDW600, IGE3954B, IGE3954B1, IGE3954N, IGE3954W, IGE3954W1, IGE3958B, IGE3958W, IGE5655, IGS600W, INES1000, INES1500, INES2000, K22, K22AS, K312C, K412, K412C, K412EB, K412I, K700, K72, K835, KD312, KD312AEX, KD312EB, KD312HB, KD312K, KENNY072A, KEX705, KGI610E, KGI610S, KGI610W, KI71, KIS710, KLLVI03, KLS57B, KN715, KNO745, KS720, KS73, KS74, KS75, KS770, KSA730, KSA740, KSA750, KSA76P, L12, L30S, L312C, L312CS, L312EBS, L312RSA, L312T, L312TEB, L412, L412C, L412CS, L412EB, L412EBS, L412EBSA, L412I, L412TEBTW, L415, L415I, L41EB, L41EBS, L5, L5.0, L5ECO, L5ECO.1, L9, L9.0, LA40, LA40/1, LA40N, LA40N/1, LB30M, LB5, LB5000, LB51, LB51.1, LB5K, LB930, LBA501, LBS50M, LBS851, LBS931EX, LBS932, LBS950, LBS980, LBSA60, LBSA60M, LBSA60ME, LBST70, LBST70M, LBST960, LC10M, LC94, LC94.1, LCS40M, LD312, LD312DD, LD312EB, LD312EBDD, LD312TSP, LD412DBSA, LD412DD, LD412DDEB, LD412DDSA, LD470EB, LD493, LD493EB, LD50EB, LD512A, LD60EB, LD60EBST, LL4900, LLI6057, LN910, LOX922, LP412EB, LP7740, LP7770, LP7790, LP77901, LS104, LS201, LSA1257BE, LSA1257LB, LSA490E, LSA6147B, LSA6147X, LSA6148B, LSA614G, LSA6150B, LSE490, LSE490E, LSE490E.1, LSE490K, LSE490KV, LSE501, LSE922X, LSE942N, LSE942NW, LSE952AB, LSE952B, LSE952B.1, LSF951B, LSI60BN, LSI60NX, LSI60WN, LSP60BN, LSP60NX, LSP60WN, LST60N, LT60, LV10.1A, LV10.1E, LV10A, LV10E, LV10H, LV12-543A, LV12543AN, LV12-543B, LV12-543I, LV12543IX, LV12543WH, LV132, LV132RB, LV262, LV262RB, LV312, LV5010B, LV512, LV601, LV6012, LV604, LV605, LV-60IT, LV621, LVF610B, LVF612X, LVF613G, LVF613X, LVF651B, LVI128B, LVI128M, LVS1255B, LVS1255S, LVS1257B, LVS1257B1, LVS1257S, LVS1257S1, LVS1453B, LVX1000BL, LVX1000BR, LW-120FL, LW122, LX920, MKI, MKI/1, MKI/2, MKIII, MKIII/2, MP5, N900E, N900EB, N901EC, ND3300WI, NG97.59, NZL312EB, NZL40, NZL412SEB, NZL750, NZL850, OP41, OP42, OP51, OSBYKARAT, PENGUIN, PI2002X, PK312, PK312EB, PK312EBS, PK312S, PK312X, PK322, PK322EB, PK322EBS, PK322S, PK328, PK328EB, PK329, PK329EB, PK421, PK4210, PK4210EB, PK421EB, PK422, PK422EB, PKE312, PKE312EB, PL112, PL112EB, PL112SP, PL112SPEB, PL2006X, PL200K, PL212EBSO, PL212SO, PL222, PL222EB, PL225, PL225EB, PL225EN, PL312, PL312AX, PL312AX/1, PL312DD, PL312EB, PL312EBDD, PL312EBS, PL312EBSA, PL312EBSP, PL312KEN, PL312S, PL312SA, PL312SP, PL312X, PL322, PL322EB, PL322EBS, PL322S, PL328, PL328EB, PL329, PL329DD, PL329EB, PL329EBDD, PL412DD, PL412DDEB, PL412DDSA, PL419, PL419EB, PL421, PL4210, PL4210EB, PL421EB, PL422, PL422EB, PL512A, PL512A/1, PL512ANE, PL512ANE1, PL512AW, PL512AW/1, PL620X, PL622X, PL660EB, PL660X, PL662EB, PL662X, PL700KX1, PL8605X, PL860EB, PL860X, PLA6147B, PLA6147N, PLA6147X, PLA6148B, PLA6148G, PLA6148N, PLA6148X, PLE312, PLE312EB, PLE312SP, PLE322, PSH5030WX, REGINA121, ROSEN60L1, S300A, S603B, S603EBS, S603R, S604B, S604BA, S604R, S604RA, SA5562, SA620EB, SA620X, SA622EB, SA622X, SA625X, SA627W, SA627X, SA660EB, SA660X, SA662EB, SA662X, SA683X-1, SA750B, SA750W, SA8200X, SA850, SA8605W, SA8605WTD, SA860EB, SA860X, SA880W, SA880X, SAPHIR60, SDCY66-1, SDCY66X1, SEC601, SGS360W, SI112EC1N, SI112ECO, SI112ECO1, SI112ECON, SM2250, SM2250.1, SM2450, SNZ640IS, SNZ640IS1, SNZ640S, SNZ640S.1, SNZ640W, SNZ640W.1, SNZ642IS, SNZ642S, SNZ642W, SNZ643IS1, SNZ643S-1, SNZ660X, SNZ660X.1, SPF312, SPST60, ST111E, ST112-1, ST1123S-1, ST1124S-1, ST1125-1, ST113S, ST60, ST660, ST660E, ST662E, ST68, ST70, ST71, ST710, ST72, STA613, STA6147, STA6148, STA6149D, STH490, STMW24S, STMW25S, SUPER 800, UK952B, UKST710, UPO 60L, UPO60D, UPO60L/1, V-612, V8200, WD6090, WD6090DS, WF701, WH724, WH725, WH726, WH726W, WQP128008, WT112-2, WT1125-1, WT60, WT68, WT70, WT71, WT710, WT72, WTU942.1, 1253L, 1VE451P, 953F, 953L, A145B, A76, A76/1, A76/1UK, A76UK, ADG3500, ADG3500-1, ADG5500-1, ADGR3700, ADL745/2, ADP8234, ADP8242, ADP8252, ADW659FI, ADW659FI1, ADW659FI2, ADW759FI, ADW759FI3, ADX550, AP541.2, AP541.3, AP542, AP612CA, AP642, AP642B, APL12, APL12-1, APL1250ES, APL1259ES, APL961X, BF72, BLA2, BLA2S, BLV495, BLV495-1, BLV496ES, BLV515, BLV531, BLV532, BLV535, BLV551, BLV552, BS4004, C451P, C454, CA01, CA01-1, CA01-2, CA12B, CA12S, CL6S-2, CL6S-3, CL6S-4, CL6W-2, CL6W-3, CL6W-4, D12S, D455, D455UK, D459UK, D45S.1, DD612SC, DD612WC, DF1255W, DF55, DF56, DF612B, DF612S, DF612SDX, DF612SE, DF612SI, DF612W, DF614WE, DGS60.1W, DGSP60W, DI21X, DI450.1, DI612, DI612C, DI612CA1, DIL45, DIPTWIST2, DT68N, DW2003WH, DW2003X, DW2003X-1, DW2005WH, DW2005X, DW2005X-1, DW2006X, DW450E, DW612AS, DW612AS2A, DW659FI, DW659FI1, DW659FI2, DW660B, DW660B-1, DW660S, DW660S1, DW660SA, DW660SK, DW660W, DW660W-1, DW759FI, DW759FI4, DW855L, DW9S, DW9W, DWD612CSS, DWD612CWH, DWD61BL1, DWD61BR1, DWD61SS1, DWD61WH1, DWD63BLE, DWD63SSE, DWD63WHE, DWF41WH, DWF612BL, DWF612SS, DWF612WH, DWI45, DWI612C, DWI64.1, DWI710, DWI710E, DWI710E1, EL961X, FD450, FDF450, FN52B, GES4564, GES4564N, GI72443E, GSA4587, GSD541B, GSD541B-S, GSD541W, GSD541W-S, GSGP10.3B, GSGP10-4B, GSGP11.3S, GSGP11-4S, GSGP11-5S, GSGP15.3W, GSGP15-4W, GSGP15-5W, GSGP19.3E, GSGP19-4E, GSGP19-5E, GSI541B, GSI541B., GSI541B-S, GSI541E, GSI541E.1, GSI541S, GSI541S., GSI541TT, GSI541W, GSI541W., GSI541W-S, GSI641AL, GSI641B, GSI641B.2, GSI641B-3, GSI641B-4, GSI641E.1, GSI641E2, GSI641E-3, GSI641E-4, GSI641S, GSI641S.2, GSI641S-3, GSI641S-4, GSI641TT, GSI641W, GSI641W.2, GSI641W-3, GSI641W-4, GSU551, GSU551., GSU551-S, GSU641, GSU641-4, GSU651, GV61020, GVA945, GVI640, GVI640-1, GVI7640, GVI7650, GVIP640, GVW835, GVW835E, GVW835E1, GVW865.2, HGVI640, IG40521W, IG60521B2, IG60521W2, IG60733X2, IGE4564, IGE5665, JGI641B, JGI641E, JGI641S, JGI641W, KEX45, KFS60B-1, KFS64B, KGI61AL, KGI61E, KGI61S, KGI61W, KGV60, KGV640, KJG641E, KJG641S, KJG641W, KLS01.1, KLS01-2, KLS02IL, KLS1256B, KLS1256S, KLSB30, KLSB30-1, KLSN31, KLSN31-1, KLSX33, KLSX33-1, KLVS30EB, KLVS32X, KLVS50EB, KLVS51NE, KLVS52X, KS45, KS60.1, KS60-2, KS60-3T, KSI641AL, KSI641E, KSI641E-3, KSI641S, KSI641S-3, KSI641TT, KSI641W, KSI641W-3, KST600E, KST605E, KST60B, KST610L, LL4905.2, LL4932.2, LP470.3W, LP6740W, LP6740W-1, LP6770B, LP6770W, LP6770W-1, LP770.5WK, LP770.5WX, LP7790IL, LS100.2, LS200B.1, LS300B.1, LS310N.1, LS320X.1, LS330B.1, LS40C, LS40C-1, LS40C-2, LS4507, LS9209A, LS9219, LS9239A, LSA6047B, LSA6047G, LSA6049B, LSA6049X, LSA6050B, LSA6051B, LSA6149B, LSA624G, LSA650B, LSA651B, LSA653B, LSA653E, LSA653PE, LSA657BE, LSB01-2, LSB0-2002, LSB03, LSB03-1, LSB03NN, LSE1000EB, LSE1004EB, LSE19B, LSE3000BA, LSE3000TA, LSE3004BA, LSE3004TA, LSE4000BA, LSE4000TA, LSE4004BA, LSE4004TA, LSG45, LSG62, LSG62S, LSG63, LSG63X, LSIS60-BE, LST6049I, LST6053, LT698, LV0145, LV10, LV2600, LV26A, LV26C, LV26H, LV401.1, LV451, LV456I, LV456IM, LV456IT, LV456P, LV456PM, LV53.9/1, LV54.9B, LVC45, LVF10B, LVF12B.2, LVF13B, LVF23B.2, LVF32G, LVF33B, LVF33G, LVF34B.1, LVF53B, LVF650B, LVF652B, LVF9B, LVI346, LVP451, LVP451M, LVS1559BE, LVS655B, LVS655B1, LVS655EG, LVS655N, LVS655N1, LVS655X, LVS655X1, LVS657B, LVS657SI, LVS657SI1, LVTI14-78, MFD10S, MFD10W, MIDW12, OP65, PI2003X, PI2003X-1, PK121EB, PK121NE, PK121X, PK123EB, PK123NE, PK123X, PK983, PK983EB, PK983X, PL1123EB, PL1123NE, PL1123X, PL1144EB, PL1144NE, PL1144X, PL123EB, PL123NE, PL123X, PL300KX, PL60XME, PL614WH, PL614WH-1, PL614X, PL614X-1, PL623X, PL623X-1, PL663WH, PL663X, PL663X-1, PL672EB, PL672X, PL673WH, PL673X, PL700KX, PL700X, PL8210X-1, PL8210X-2, PL823X, PL8605WTD, PL8605X8, PL8605XTD, PL941, PL941EB, PL945W, PL945X, PL961.2, PL961.3, PL961-3, PL961D.2, PL961D-2, PL961DEB2, PL961DX-2, PL961EB2, PL961EB3, PL961EB-3, PL961X.2, PL961X.3
Tecnik dishwasher: TKD702, TKD795/3
Teka dishwasher: DW655FI
Whirlpool 481928128224 K20 and K40, AGH326 Ignis Blizzard B20 Phillips K20 ice maker water inlet valve
Whirlpool washing machine: AGB011, AGB022/01/G, AGB022/01/G/WP,AGB022/G/WP, AGB022/WP, AGH326/01/G, AGH326/G, 18900, 18920, 207309, 207335, 253378, 281757, 282009, 282054, 406509, 406521, 406529, 406541, 406543, 406552, 406623, 406639, 428992, 472921, 478687, 582223, 5914010, 601820
Whirlpool ADP 262 Dishwasher Solenoid Valve
Zanussi dishwasher WT150, RT140ED
Alternative part numbers: 50206274008, WHP481981729014, 481981729014, QUAVAL14, HPTC00045950, C00045950, VAL1068, 5031680807967, 5031689321327, 71-UN-13, HAI012G5060020, 5031683876038, 5045174273534, 5045170716752, 71-HY-16, GDP082632700, 082632700, 082626679, GDP082626679, SMG813050133, MFI813050133, 5045178778035, 5045170762582, 71-HY-19,00167025, BSH167025, 71-BS-09, 5031685307899, 5031683273301, 1801287, C00210718, 813050120, SMG693050122, 68-BO-24, 5045174489904, MFI693050122, 481928128225, Eaton, Invensys, 198h04 S-30 K-63310.

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