15mm Water Solenoid Valve 0.2-10 Bar Latching 6volt 1175BB

Brand: RPE srl

Model: 1175BB

Width 38.50
Height 72.22
Length 65.30

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Price Ex Vat: £24.00

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15mm latching / bi-stable water solenoid valve RPE 1175BB
Function: 2/2 way latching / bi-stable (20mSec pulse)
Operation: Pressure assisted (Min 0.2 Bar pressure differential)
Port: 15mm John guest push fit (supplied screwed onto 3/4 BSPM ends).
Pressure: 0.2 to 10 Bar
Orifice: 11.0mm
Body: Nylon white good grade GF
Coil: R 2.2 Watts IP00 with faston tag Class F 50% duty rated
Voltage: 6vDC (375mAmp 15mSec pulse), will accept 9 volt and 12v with shorter pulse
Approvals: EN55014ED.1993, EN50730-2-8-1 Edition 1995, WRAS

This RPE type R solenoid valve has 15mm speed fit ends that fit directly onto 15mm copper pipe without need for fittings and adapters.
Requires short (20mSec) low power pulse to open and stay open and a short (20mSec) power pulse in reverse polarity to close and stay closed thus minimising the power required to change state and stay there. This 15mm water solenoid valve 6v can be used 9vdc and even 12vdc.

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RPE Solenoid Valve 1175BB
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15mm water solenoid valve latching 6 volt 117bb

User Reviews

Garden on Jun 6, 2017

Excellent service - fast delivery - price good too - genuine RPE valve. Might suggest you seperate these out so easier to find online.

Robins on Feb 27, 2017

Easy to order, helpful friendly staff, quick delivery, vat and delivery charge included and genuine RPE solenoid valve too. Thank you and fully recommended.

bettina on Oct 17, 2016

Thank you, nice online store, good clear pictures of the product made it easy to find what I wanted. Order, paid through paypal guest checkout, which, needed some figuring out but that's not your fault, might suggest you try sage pay as a better platform. Valves arrived, boxed and on time, fitted and working perfectly, actually really nice valves to be honest. My rating is on your company and product, not PayPal. I score 90%, no ever gets 100% anyway. Thank you. Bettina.

J. Hewitt on Jun 20, 2016

3/4" latching water solenoid valve arrived next day, installed and working perfectly. Excellent transaction and communication. Genuine RPE water solenoid valve too, best UK price I have seen. A+ recommended.

Geraint on Jan 25, 2016

Ordered, arrived quickly as described, genuine RPE valve, good price excellent delivery. Thanks for the special offer!! I will buy more of these at this price for sure!!

Sven on Jan 25, 2016

was buying these elsewhere, poor delivery and more expensive. Your price is better and you have stock too!! Seems simple, but you got this right straight off the bat!! Well done.

srikanth.s on Oct 14, 2015

perfect water control valve, have them running from batteries!! Excellent service too. I'll order some more for next months installation. srikanth.s

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