1/2 PTFE solenoid valve 0–3 Bar 2/2 Normally Closed 230vAC

Brand: AAA (Sunwell)

Model: PH15-2-6

Width 70.00
Height 109.00
Length 70.00

£112.20 £341.90
Price Ex Vat: £93.50

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1/2 PTFE solenoid valve Dry Armature series PH15
Function: 2/2 way normally closed
Body: PTFE
Seals: PTFE
Media: strong acid, alkali, gas or fluid compatible with PTFE
Orifice: 9mm
Fv flow factor: 25 L/Min based on water with 1 Bar pressure drop.
Pressure range: 0 to 1.5 Bar (Gas)
Pressure range: 0 to 3 Bar (Fluid)
Media temperature: -5°C to +80°C max
Ambient temperature: +5°C to +40°C
Media viscosity: 50 centistokes max
Mounting: coil upright preferred
Opening time: 5-20mSec
Closing time: 25-100 mSec
Coil: Nass Magnet DIN43650A IP65 Class F 26 Watts
Protection: IP65 with connector (Included)
Voltage: 230vAC (Rectified)

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